Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Birthday Mani!

A few days ago, it was my birthday, and I decided to do a very girly mani which I loved! School's been keeping me so busy I don't even have the time to read up all the usual nail blogs nor the NB, and I miss seeing all the latest manis that other bloggers have done! 

Anyway this is a beautiful polish- Ulta3 Bo Peep. It's so old, I never knew how it even ended up in my house. I can only guess that someone gave it to my mum many years back because it's so old that the current Ulta3 Bo Peep is different. Here are some pictures of the one I have:

I revived it with lots of thinner, and it smells really bad, so I'm guessing it definitely isn't Big 3 free. Anyway the Bo Peep I have is a beautiful pink with pink and silver glitter inside, but the Bo Peep you see on other blogs by googling is a pink creme. I think I prefer the one I have. 

It wasn't glittery enough for me, so I added two coats of INM Northern Lights Silver Holographic Top Coat, which made it absolutely gorgeous because it's scattered holo glitter! 

To make it even more girly, I added light pink heart rhinestones! The pretty pink background you see is my Disney Princesses Diary. Yes, I'm a child at heart. (Psst, I even have Disney Princesses bedsheets!) 

I know this might be a little too sweet for some people to take, but I'm seriously a girly-girl at heart. 

Anyway I have a favour to ask from all of you. Lex Cosmetics has selected my suggestion to create a polish, and they will pick the winner who has the most votes. Please head over to Lex Cosmetics and vote for my photo: Ocean Ink. 

(PS. If you open the photo really big, you can even see the stripes on the fishies!)

"I love diving, and this picture was taken in Manado when I was diving at one of their coral walls. Looking down you see nothing but an endless blue that stretches to inkiness and beautiful fishes going about their business. The colour I envision is a dark blue/green jelly with shimmery bits and silver flakes. It will remind me every day of a beautiful environment that needs conservation and our protection."

Coral Walls in Manado

I want to tell you guys more about Manado. I got an underwater camera housing last year, so I brought it along with me to Manado, Indonesia to dive. Manado is famous for its coral cliffs, which are walls of corals. So when you swim from shore, you can see some shallow corals, then suddenly they just drop off  into a coral wall, and they stretch endlessly down. It's incredibly awesome to see these coral walls, they stretch in front of you (as you see in the picture above) and down all the way till it's a dark, cloudy blue. 

Me and the giant turtle

I saw a giant turtle hiding in a little nook in one of the coral walls, it was as big as me, and I was completely stunned to see such a huge creature. It looks small in the picture, but I was a lot closer to the camera and quite a distance away from the turtle. I was afraid of getting bitten! 

Anyway I have a dive trip coming up soon, and I'm really looking forward to it after my exams. I'll definitely show you all the pictures I take. I think I've digressed too much already. So, please vote for me, and maybe submit a photo and a suggestion of your own too! I'll vote for you in return if yours gets selected for voting too!


  1. Aw diving looks so fun!
    And cute nails Cheryl! Oh and voted for you already btw!

  2. Love your version of bo peep. I much prefer your version with the glitter than the new cream one.

  3. your blog...i came here with a google of disney

    pretty nails!!especially the stones!!!

  4. Thank you! Anyway I do have other disney manicures if you look around.