Friday, March 11, 2011

OPI DS Exclusive!

A gorgeous gorgeous holographic polish!!!!!! It's a beautiful pink-purple, with beautiful holographicness! I know it's a little hard to find, I got it from a local etailer, Dollup Nails, for $16.50. They have quite a few DS polishes and some TINS polishes, so google them and check them out if you want. They ship overseas.

I don't have much to say about this, it's beautiful! My pictures are taken under white light, and in indirect sunlight. I have bottle pictures from a few days later in bright sunlight. There's also a fantastic holo you can see under artificial light.

Artificial light

Indirect sunlight, Indoors


Isn't it prettty????? 

Anyway for all Singaporean polishers out there, Jamie from Squovalicious tipped me that Sasa in Suntec is selling all their Del Sol polishes for $9.90, their usual price is $14.90! So go check it out, it's quite a discount. I was very very fortunate to be able to go that way today because I had to meet my dad there, and I grabbed 3 polishes- Alaska Gold Rush, Flirt, and Prima Donna!

From what I previously found out online from Del Sol, Gold Rush is a polish exclusively released in Alaska, and I can't find any swatches online at all, and I have no idea how it made its way down to Singapore, but getting my hands on something that exclusive is making me really happy! 

Gold Rush is a polish that supposedly changes from silver glitter to gold glitter. Having put it under the cloudy sky just now, the glitter doesn't change colour (I didn't expect it to, it sure has to be some magic glitter if it did), but the base changes from a sheer silver to a sheer gold. I don't think I experienced the full effect of the gold because the sun wasn't even out, but it's quite pretty. I think I just have this crazy penchant for wanting exclusive stuff even though the silly polish only has a subtle change. So if you do have this same penchant, then head on down to Sasa, because they still have it. 


  1. Agh this is at the top of my lemming list!!

  2. becautiful polish (just going to tell you now that on my giveaways each entry has to be in its own comment or it all gets counted as one entry!)

  3. Thank you ladies!

    @Toesthattwinkle: Oops sorry! I'll remember next time!