Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pretty Flowers

Hi everyone!

I did this manicure a few days back, and I'm really happy with it because it's so spring-y and demure and just so pretty!

Anyway the base is a water marble done with two Sylvie polishes I have, which are actually muave and purple, but in water seemed to have gotten much lighter because they are extremely light now. I then konaded on top using the daisies from the BM set of plates, and added some flower rhinestones that I bought off ebay.

I added blue flower rhinestones instead of light purple because it's only up close that one can tell it's purple and not blue. Plus I didn't have purple rhinestones that were light enough.

Anyway this was a very painful water marble to do, I tried about 5 different polishes before I found these that could spread through water easily. I also tried using semi-luke warm water, which didn't seem to make a difference so in the end I just used plain tap water.

I love pretty colours and designs like these, they always lift my spirits up when I look at them. What kind of colours make YOU happy?


  1. So gorgeous, a perfect spring mani for sure!

  2. this is adorable! and very girly! =)


  3. Adorable mani! A very fresh looking water marble with cute flowers!