Thursday, April 28, 2011

Getting Del Sol polish for European ladies out there

Hi everyone! A long time ago I subscribed to R8Beauty's mailing list, and today they mailed out a pretty good offer. I'm not affiliated, just letting those of you who are interested know, because I know Del Sol polishes aren't easy to get.

They are offering free shipping for buying Del Sol polishes, just use coupon code R8295. The offer ends 11am (UK time), 04-05-2011. You can find their website here.

Beautiful Bali (and an underwater NOTD)!

Hi everyone! I'm backkkkk....... since yesterday! I do love Singapore and returning home after a holiday. Bali was beautiful, absolutely gorgeous, but darn did I miss my food. Salt seems to be free in Indonesia, almost everything we ate was incredibly salty.

I spent my week there in Tulamben, Amed, Padangbai, Sanur and Kuta. Kuta is awfully touristy. Everything there is just jacked up prices and it's so incredibly dusty. Sanur's somewhat touristy too, but not as bad.

In Tulamben, I dived the liberty wreck, it's actually the USAT Liberty, a transport ship of the US Navy that was sunk during the war, and was hauled ashore after that. It got dragged into the water during a really big storm, and so it's an underwater wreck. According to my dive guide, it's the only wreck in the world that can be dived from the shore, meaning you can just wade offshore and see the wreck. I don't know if that's true, but it's awesome that you could just wade offshore and see a wreck. It was also my first time diving a wreck and it's so cool!

Anyway here are some pictures of my time there. First up is my underwater NOTD:

I've got other underwater shots of my nails, but they aren't with me right now. I'll show it to you later on!

Breakfast by the sea

A lazy starfish

Inside the liberty wreck, me and the bf

Pygmy Seahorse. Can you spot it? It's less than 1cm big!


Big big jellyfish

Lionfish! I glimpsed its distinctive fins from above, and swam under this metal cage thing where it was perched upside down to get a picture. There's a metal cage thingy because it's an artificial reef.

The bf on a really large coral

Blue ribbon eel

Hawksbill turtle. Did you know that it's critically endangered? Surprising, since I saw 3 of them altogether!

Can you spot the octopus? 

A visit to Ubud, where we checked out the monkey forest. Monkeys everywhere running amok! Ubud is the place where the author of Eat Pray Love found love. Or so I've heard, haven't read it or watched it yet. Ubud is beautiful, but also becoming touristy already.

One of the better meals there- fried duck!

We also went to this area called Jimbaran for seafood one evening. Damn it was the worst experience ever. Expensive, and completely below average. I was sorely pissed since it cost a lot to arrange transport to get there, and for the food. I've never had worst tasting seafood, it was not fresh despite being displayed raw to us, the sauces were decent, but without them the food fell flat. The prawns could barely be peeled out of their shell, such stale nonsense we were served. Don't ever visit Jimbaran.

One tip if you're ever in Bali, transport's awfully expensive, count on spending at least USD30 to 50 for a private car to go anywhere, and that's cheaper than taxis since taxi drivers will not use the meter. Those private drivers are also paid to make recommendations, so don't trust what they recommend you. I went to that particular restaurant in Jimbaran because my driver recommended it, and it was obvious that he was getting a tip from them because he kept saying that others were never as good and he drove us right into the restaurant carpark and the moment we got out, waitresses would practically push us in. Another driver who drove us to Ubud also got visibly annoyed when we told him we didn't want to stop by any of the silver/batik/stone-carving factories on the way. Just like in Thailand, they get paid just to bring you there, and another commission if you buy anything. He also started ignoring us after we turned down his suggestion for a spa. Even the receptionist at the hotel recommended a particular spa. He was so sneaky about it. The hotel had its own spa, which the receptionists were supposed to recommend because of (I guess) some kind of contract. But when we asked about outside spas, he lowered his voice and leaned close and said he knew of a better spa outside that would offer a "more complete package" (whatever that meant) and would deliver the pamphlet to our rooms. 

Bali is horribly touristy, sometimes the number of white people in certain areas would outnumber the locals, and I don't even mean in Kuta. Even in Ubud, or Tulamben. It's just not as relaxing as I hoped for because tourists would draw in touts who wouldn't go away. However, the scenery is beautiful, the waters are clear and clean, the padi fields are gorgeous, and most people are nice. My dive guide was really reliable, friendly, and most locals also speak decent English. 

I had a lovely time in Bali, I may sneak in the occasional pictures subsequently too if you don't mind. This is a really long rambling post, I hope you did enjoy reading it too!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

OPI Ski Teal We Drop

Nothing very fancy today, just a very simple mani: OPI Ski Teal We Drop.

I love the deep blue/green colour, it is very rich, if you know what I mean. I also realized that Elianto Sea Green is the jelly version of this creme. Not much to say right here, the pictures speak for themselves!

Monday, April 25, 2011

My Del Sol Manicure

I did this manicure for Bali, using mostly Del Sol polishes so I could take full advantage of the sun since I'll be out at sea everyday.

The base is Claire's Awesome/Silly, a light pink when warm, which changes to dark pink when cold. Can't really see any dark pink here though. It's layered with Del Sol Gold Rush, which is a silver glitter which changes to gold glitter in sunlight. The pink glitter hearts are Del Sol Heartbreaker, which changes to purple in sunlight. And what's pretty much invisible in the shade is Del Sol Ruby Slippers, which is a silver glitter that changes to red in sunlight.



Yes I know, the red coloured hearts (Del Sol Ruby Slippers, the hearts that are on the upper part of the nails) are very wonky. It's really difficult to paint when I can't see where the paint's gone, and I did it using a satay stick (a little wooden skewer). The dark pink hearts do look better though.

I know it also isn't very clear, but if you look at the picture in the shade, at the portions that aren't hearts, the glitter is silver. The same glitter is really gold in sunlight! It's amazing! I never thought that glitter could change colour, I always thought it was the base colour that changed. But it's pretty awesome!

I have a similar design on my toes, but the hearts are even more wonky so I have saved you the pain of seeing them. Anyway have a great weekend!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Nudes Comparison

Hi everyone! I'll probably be diving right now, yay! Anyway if you remember that I hauled a while back, I did a comparison of some of the polishes. I tried looking for comparisons online when I was considering which ones to buy, and couldn't find any, so hopefully this will help someone!

From L-R: OPI Fair Pinkum Dinkum, OPI Have a Tempura Tantrum, OPI Bubble Bath, Zoya Snow White

These are three coats each.

I always heard that OPI Bubble Bath was a great base colour for french manicures, but I'm wondering why it's so streaky! I've been hearing that it's a lovely colour, but this is just disturbingly streaky. Hopefully on my next try it'll be much better!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Another Glitter Franken

I'm leaving on a jet plane.......... about 6 hours from now to Bali! Wheeeeeeee I'm so excited. The past few days people keep telling me I look so pale. I'm finally going to get some real sunshine! 

Anyway here's a franken I made and wore a while back. It's red, purple, and black glitter with some glow in the dark powder. I do love the colours of the glitter together, but I think the glow in the dark powder doesn't look so good with it. It creates this light dusty tinge to the colour, so it isn't as vibrant. 

Here is a shot in the dark. It glows pretty awesomely!

I do like frankening, it's so fun to create new colours and gorgeous combinations. But for every successful frankens, there are usually at least one or two that screwed up before that. But this doesn't apply to glitters- a bunch of glitters together looks pretty nice in any bottle. But I haven't made a creme/shimmer franken successfully yet, I've made them, I just don't really like them.

Anyway for those who do like frankening, there's a great blog out there: Polish and Pigments. It's on my blogroll to the right too. MK's amazing, she has experimented with a lot of the pigments out there and some of TKB's suspension bases. She's also tried out with lots of the duo-chromey or triple-chromey pigments too and came up with combinations for making multi-chrome polishes. I'm not affiliated, and she probably doesn't know that I'm giving her a shout out here, but seriously, check it out! She even gives tips on saving costs when frankening.

Anyway since I'll be away for the next week, I've scheduled posts to go up automatically. Have a great week ahead everybody!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Up! The movie manicure

Do you remember the Pixar movie last year called Up? The one where the house which was lifted up and away by balloons? Well I watched it and loved it, and so I decided to make some water decals with it for a manicure!

From L-R: The old lady and old man when they were kids, the old man and the bird, just the old man and his tennis ball stick, and the dog that kept following them around and the boy scout. Strange how they are the same height. 

The house with the balloons!

From L-R: The boy scout, the boy scout and the bird, the 3 mean dogs which talk in robotic voices, and the old man.

This is the poster for Paradise Falls, South America! It's not very clear, but the words "Spirit of Adventure" are on it. 

My exams are over, I'm so relieved! I'm just so happy that I can finally enjoy my summer holidays. I also went rock climbing, abseiling, and some high elements stuff today. Wow it was exhausting! There was this huge very tall rock wall, maybe 5 stories high, and I managed to make it half way before giving up. I used to rock climb a bit when I was younger, like waaaay back in secondary school, and I had so much energy back then. But a quarter of the way up I suddenly got height phobia and my body just started shaking so much, I don't know how I managed to even make it halfway! I was so freaking scared I'd fall, even though I had the safety rope and all that, and then I looked down at the ground and started panicking, but I told myself I shouldn't give up so fast. I'm pretty glad I made it halfway at least. 

Abseiling was still quite scary, the scariest part is the beginning when you have to get over the edge. The second scariest part is maybe loosening the rope too much and falling too fast, I was seriously scared by that, but I managed to make it down safe. 

The high elements consisted of walking across two small strands of rope, with rope railings to guide you in one section, and just dangling ropes which you have to reach out for in another section, walking across some wooden planks with a rope railing, and walking across a long wooden plank with just one rope. That wasn't too bad, but I was so afraid of falling despite my rational mind knowing that there was a safety rope that I clenched the ropes so tightly and now my arm muscles are incapable of going higher than my shoulders. Whew. 

I enjoyed some outdoorsy stuff, didn't get much fresh air during the school term so I definitely appreciated this, but the fear factor was really there. I may only be in my 20s but already I think I'm too old for some things! Do you ever feel like that? Like "I'm too old for this stuff"? 

Thursday, April 14, 2011


I made a pretty massive haul recently, I got it off gingitsune's blog sale, I ordered it last week and it came yesterday! I'm super excited about the lovely OPI polishes I finally get!

And some lovely extras she included!

I will definitely wear some of these polishes soon, so do look out for them! I'm so excited!

I also entered Bundle Monster's fb contest to win some of their new plates, I doubt I'll get many votes but you can vote for me here if you want, or vote for some of the others. There are some very beautiful entries out there!

Anyway, I was contacted by Sara, of Fresh Air Fund recently. The Fresh Air Fund is in need of host families for this summer. Host families are volunteers who open their hearts and homes to children from the city to give them a Fresh Air experience that can change lives. I've checked out their website, and it does seem that it is for a very good purpose, and I would do it if there was such an event in Singapore, but it is for US and Canada, so my dear American and Canadian readers, do consider it! 

Click on the banner to go to their website!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Taupes Off!

I'm still in the middle of my exams, my last paper will be tomorrow, and I can't wait! Even though this last paper will be the crappiest and worst one ever, legal theory anybody?

Anyway this is a mani I did a while back, during study week. I needed a depressing colour to reflect my mood. It's still quite elegant in a very chic way. I don't know why but I always think of taupe colours as "chic". Anybody think the same way too?

Ardene Taupes Off

I seriously can't wait for tomorrow to be over, I'll be in Bali diving next week, I love compressed air. Hopefully I'll be this guy this time next week: 

(Anonymous diver, picture taken off Google)

I've been thinking of mani ideas, since I have to live with the same mani for 7 days, I don't intend to bring along any nail stuff since my baggage is limited. I was thinking of wearing some of my Del Sols since I'll be in the sun the whole day long, any ideas? 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New Bundle Monster Plates

Hi everyone, if you've been following Bundle Monster (BM) on facebook, you should know that they are producing a second set of plates! Anyway they've been posting some of their new designs on facebook, and I thought I'll put them here for all of you to see too, and share some of my thoughts on them.

Their new plates have bigger images this time, FINALLY! I found that as I grew my nails longer, once they were beyond my fingertip, the BM images wouldn't fit! They were freaking tiny, and were never wide enough to cover my nails' breadth, except for my pinky, which looks slightly retarded. This means fewer full nail images on each plate, but I can live with that. They do make it up by adding smaller images on each plate though, so there are usually 6 altogether on a plate.

Cute swan, but what the hell is that oval-y thing at the bottom? The piano looks weird. It doesn't look like it can cover a whole nail, so that's going to look weird. 

I've never liked BM's tip images, I find it hard to stamp on tips, for one thing, but I also don't like not having images on both hands that reflect each other. I want them to be balanced, otherwise my fingers will feel heaver on one side! 

Love love love the tree and pumpkin! It'll be great for Halloween, if I celebrated it. The church/house looks cute, I'd wear it to church, my church looks a little like that! The flower don't look very fancy though. And the swirlys in the corner just look like they were thrown on for good measure, seems like not much thought went into that one. 
Ehhh. None of these appeal to me. Maybe the circle with the wavy swirls at the bottom left. What the heck is that at 3 o'clock? DNA?
Love the one with the tree and leaves! And the uppermost top right one. I love that it's symmetrical and can be stamped on all fingers and none will feel heavier on one end. 

I like the swirlies at 3 o'clock. And maybe the zig-zag ones. The flowers look old. 

I love the trees! I can make a forest on my hands. 

This is their comparison of the new plates to the old ones. I do like the images with the fans, but the blobby bits? What are those?! 

Love love love love the high heel shoes! If I buy these BM plates, it's for the heels! The lilly pads are very pretty too, though I'm not sure what I'd stamp with. I'm not a fan of green.

I didn't like any designs on this plate, but seeing it stamped? Much better! Looks like a bit of broken glass, and it's nice that they co-ordinate. 

I love the butterflies and whatever that is at the bottom of the plate at 6 o'clock. Looks festive!
I love the gingerbread man, and maybe the cow print. Though it looks odd, I don't recall cow prints quite having such pointy ends. I think the konad one (m61) looks much better. The leopard print? Ew. Doesn't look like a leopard. The flowers are just meh. And while a lot of people who are not Chinese think stamping Chinese words are cool, I'm Chinese so it really isn't that cool. Even for CNY I might not use it. And besides that, the only appropriate occasion would be a wedding, but as my nails aren't the bedsheets for the couple's wedding night, there's no way I'm going to a wedding wearing that on my nails. 福 looks much better hanging upside down on a wall than it would on my nails. 

Overall, there are a couple of images that I like, their Christmas and Halloween images look great, but everything else? Meh. Not feeling it. I will probably still get them, because I love the high heels images so much, but I doubt I'll utilise all these plates. 

What do you think? Will you purchase them?