Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Another Glitter Franken

I'm leaving on a jet plane.......... about 6 hours from now to Bali! Wheeeeeeee I'm so excited. The past few days people keep telling me I look so pale. I'm finally going to get some real sunshine! 

Anyway here's a franken I made and wore a while back. It's red, purple, and black glitter with some glow in the dark powder. I do love the colours of the glitter together, but I think the glow in the dark powder doesn't look so good with it. It creates this light dusty tinge to the colour, so it isn't as vibrant. 

Here is a shot in the dark. It glows pretty awesomely!

I do like frankening, it's so fun to create new colours and gorgeous combinations. But for every successful frankens, there are usually at least one or two that screwed up before that. But this doesn't apply to glitters- a bunch of glitters together looks pretty nice in any bottle. But I haven't made a creme/shimmer franken successfully yet, I've made them, I just don't really like them.

Anyway for those who do like frankening, there's a great blog out there: Polish and Pigments. It's on my blogroll to the right too. MK's amazing, she has experimented with a lot of the pigments out there and some of TKB's suspension bases. She's also tried out with lots of the duo-chromey or triple-chromey pigments too and came up with combinations for making multi-chrome polishes. I'm not affiliated, and she probably doesn't know that I'm giving her a shout out here, but seriously, check it out! She even gives tips on saving costs when frankening.

Anyway since I'll be away for the next week, I've scheduled posts to go up automatically. Have a great week ahead everybody!


  1. Ah I did notice and thank you!! I check out your blog too. Fly safe- you're braver than I because I don't do planes or strange places so take LOTS of pictures. =)

  2. Awesome!!
    I just love it, it has my favorite colors in it!

  3. I love it. I can't believe you made it yourself. I want to start mixing polishes now. You should start a series of posts with polish recipes.

  4. Wow, thank you MK! I'll definitely put up some pictures when I'm back! It's difficult surfing the net on my iPhone as it is.

    Thank you rock or not! Those are some of my favorite Colours too!

    Alicia, thank you for your suggestion, I'll put in my recipe the next time I post my frankens! Anyway this is about 35% red, 35% purple, 20% black glitters, and 10% glow in the dark powder.