Thursday, April 7, 2011

Creme and Glitter Frankens

Hi everyone! I got some awesome glitters and itty-bitty nail polish bottles from TKB Trading recently, so I've been frankening and I can't stop! Anyway, these are two frankens I made.

This is the base, it's some glow in the dark powder mixed with some clear polish, and a bit of China Glaze Designer Satin. I put in a lot of glow in the dark powder which added a thickish yellowish paste to the clear polish. I added in the pink polish subsequently just to get rid of the pus-like yellow substance at first.

Here you can see it glow faintly in the dark. It's rather bright, though you can't see it.

Then I created a glitter gradient. I tried to franken Show It & Glow It from the Burlesque collection, but it ended up a little too purple, which is such a shame because otherwise it'd be awesome. I don't know why TKB doesn't sell pink micro-glitter. It has so many other colours, but not that.

I do like this, it's very feminine and I enjoyed seeing my fingers glow each time I switched off the light. Do you have any glow in the dark polishes and do you love them?