Monday, April 25, 2011

My Del Sol Manicure

I did this manicure for Bali, using mostly Del Sol polishes so I could take full advantage of the sun since I'll be out at sea everyday.

The base is Claire's Awesome/Silly, a light pink when warm, which changes to dark pink when cold. Can't really see any dark pink here though. It's layered with Del Sol Gold Rush, which is a silver glitter which changes to gold glitter in sunlight. The pink glitter hearts are Del Sol Heartbreaker, which changes to purple in sunlight. And what's pretty much invisible in the shade is Del Sol Ruby Slippers, which is a silver glitter that changes to red in sunlight.



Yes I know, the red coloured hearts (Del Sol Ruby Slippers, the hearts that are on the upper part of the nails) are very wonky. It's really difficult to paint when I can't see where the paint's gone, and I did it using a satay stick (a little wooden skewer). The dark pink hearts do look better though.

I know it also isn't very clear, but if you look at the picture in the shade, at the portions that aren't hearts, the glitter is silver. The same glitter is really gold in sunlight! It's amazing! I never thought that glitter could change colour, I always thought it was the base colour that changed. But it's pretty awesome!

I have a similar design on my toes, but the hearts are even more wonky so I have saved you the pain of seeing them. Anyway have a great weekend!


  1. I like it! Wish I could get Del Sols here easier

  2. This is so creative to use all of these mood/color changing polishes =D