Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Disney Villains Manicure

This is my second time using my own water decals again, and I've learnt that I need to cut the images more closely to the edges, because otherwise the pictures are in a big sheet, and don't conform to the shape of the nail nicely, thus leaving certain gaps. As you can see, this one isn't as neat.

But anyway this was a really cute manicure- I had images of 10 different villains on my 10 fingers, and here they are!

From thumb to pinky: Cinderella's step-mother and step-sisters, the guy who liked Belle in Beauty and the Beast (Gaston?), Hades, the guy from the Princess and the Frog, and the bad fairy from Sleeping Beauty.

From thumb to pinky: The octopus like woman who stole Ariel's voice from the Little Mermaid, Cruella De Vil, the evil step-mother queen from Snow White, the guy from Aladdin (Jafar?) and the bad guy from Mulan.

Two things to note with regard to home-made water decals: Got to print them out in a more vibrant colour, and got to wait for the base polish to dry before putting them on. This manicure was really fun, but a waste because it was quite messy and the base was awfully smudged in places.

So what do you think? Would you try Disney villains water decals?


  1. omg......i absolutely..hands this!

    wow! =).i cant decide which decal i love the best..because they all rock!

    nice job lady!


  2. these decays are so detail! and so cute!

  3. Love your home made water decals. I'd love to try this out. I have a couple of questions. What seller did you buy from on ebay and what are the differences between the types of paper. Did you use an ink jet or laser printer. If you use a laser printer do you have to use the acrylic spray? Thanks.

  4. I love Disney!!!! this is so cool!!

  5. Thank you ladies!

    Hi Kitties26! I love your blog! Because of your recent posts, I'm probably going to buy some Ozotic Pros and Artforms and have it shipped to my friend in Melbourne to bring back to Singapore for me.

    To answer your question, I bought from mizpah21 on ebay. He sells 10 pieces for USD12.50, and I bought a mix of papers to try. I used an inkjet printer, so I bought inkjet paper from him. You can try laser if you have one, I'm not sure if you need acrylic spray. I went to an art shop and they told me that it's not needed, but from what I read online, it is. I suggest you just print out first, then cut a small decal and put it in water then see if it smudges. If it does, then just go out and buy acrylic spray and use it.

    If you are using a laser printer, I suggest you buy some clear hard paper, and some white hard paper. (You don't need pliable paper.) White is for decals which you want to use on dark backgrounds, because printers don't print white ink. I got a glow in the dark one from the seller too, but that costs double, so I got 8 sheets of regular paper and 1 sheet of glow in the dark, so that's 9 sheets for USD12.50 instead.