Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New Bundle Monster Plates

Hi everyone, if you've been following Bundle Monster (BM) on facebook, you should know that they are producing a second set of plates! Anyway they've been posting some of their new designs on facebook, and I thought I'll put them here for all of you to see too, and share some of my thoughts on them.

Their new plates have bigger images this time, FINALLY! I found that as I grew my nails longer, once they were beyond my fingertip, the BM images wouldn't fit! They were freaking tiny, and were never wide enough to cover my nails' breadth, except for my pinky, which looks slightly retarded. This means fewer full nail images on each plate, but I can live with that. They do make it up by adding smaller images on each plate though, so there are usually 6 altogether on a plate.

Cute swan, but what the hell is that oval-y thing at the bottom? The piano looks weird. It doesn't look like it can cover a whole nail, so that's going to look weird. 

I've never liked BM's tip images, I find it hard to stamp on tips, for one thing, but I also don't like not having images on both hands that reflect each other. I want them to be balanced, otherwise my fingers will feel heaver on one side! 

Love love love the tree and pumpkin! It'll be great for Halloween, if I celebrated it. The church/house looks cute, I'd wear it to church, my church looks a little like that! The flower don't look very fancy though. And the swirlys in the corner just look like they were thrown on for good measure, seems like not much thought went into that one. 
Ehhh. None of these appeal to me. Maybe the circle with the wavy swirls at the bottom left. What the heck is that at 3 o'clock? DNA?
Love the one with the tree and leaves! And the uppermost top right one. I love that it's symmetrical and can be stamped on all fingers and none will feel heavier on one end. 

I like the swirlies at 3 o'clock. And maybe the zig-zag ones. The flowers look old. 

I love the trees! I can make a forest on my hands. 

This is their comparison of the new plates to the old ones. I do like the images with the fans, but the blobby bits? What are those?! 

Love love love love the high heel shoes! If I buy these BM plates, it's for the heels! The lilly pads are very pretty too, though I'm not sure what I'd stamp with. I'm not a fan of green.

I didn't like any designs on this plate, but seeing it stamped? Much better! Looks like a bit of broken glass, and it's nice that they co-ordinate. 

I love the butterflies and whatever that is at the bottom of the plate at 6 o'clock. Looks festive!
I love the gingerbread man, and maybe the cow print. Though it looks odd, I don't recall cow prints quite having such pointy ends. I think the konad one (m61) looks much better. The leopard print? Ew. Doesn't look like a leopard. The flowers are just meh. And while a lot of people who are not Chinese think stamping Chinese words are cool, I'm Chinese so it really isn't that cool. Even for CNY I might not use it. And besides that, the only appropriate occasion would be a wedding, but as my nails aren't the bedsheets for the couple's wedding night, there's no way I'm going to a wedding wearing that on my nails. 福 looks much better hanging upside down on a wall than it would on my nails. 

Overall, there are a couple of images that I like, their Christmas and Halloween images look great, but everything else? Meh. Not feeling it. I will probably still get them, because I love the high heels images so much, but I doubt I'll utilise all these plates. 

What do you think? Will you purchase them? 

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  1. I don't have the first plates that came out, so i cannot tell how they are. The ones you show here i like some of the designs hope the price is the same as the 1 set