Sunday, April 17, 2011

Up! The movie manicure

Do you remember the Pixar movie last year called Up? The one where the house which was lifted up and away by balloons? Well I watched it and loved it, and so I decided to make some water decals with it for a manicure!

From L-R: The old lady and old man when they were kids, the old man and the bird, just the old man and his tennis ball stick, and the dog that kept following them around and the boy scout. Strange how they are the same height. 

The house with the balloons!

From L-R: The boy scout, the boy scout and the bird, the 3 mean dogs which talk in robotic voices, and the old man.

This is the poster for Paradise Falls, South America! It's not very clear, but the words "Spirit of Adventure" are on it. 

My exams are over, I'm so relieved! I'm just so happy that I can finally enjoy my summer holidays. I also went rock climbing, abseiling, and some high elements stuff today. Wow it was exhausting! There was this huge very tall rock wall, maybe 5 stories high, and I managed to make it half way before giving up. I used to rock climb a bit when I was younger, like waaaay back in secondary school, and I had so much energy back then. But a quarter of the way up I suddenly got height phobia and my body just started shaking so much, I don't know how I managed to even make it halfway! I was so freaking scared I'd fall, even though I had the safety rope and all that, and then I looked down at the ground and started panicking, but I told myself I shouldn't give up so fast. I'm pretty glad I made it halfway at least. 

Abseiling was still quite scary, the scariest part is the beginning when you have to get over the edge. The second scariest part is maybe loosening the rope too much and falling too fast, I was seriously scared by that, but I managed to make it down safe. 

The high elements consisted of walking across two small strands of rope, with rope railings to guide you in one section, and just dangling ropes which you have to reach out for in another section, walking across some wooden planks with a rope railing, and walking across a long wooden plank with just one rope. That wasn't too bad, but I was so afraid of falling despite my rational mind knowing that there was a safety rope that I clenched the ropes so tightly and now my arm muscles are incapable of going higher than my shoulders. Whew. 

I enjoyed some outdoorsy stuff, didn't get much fresh air during the school term so I definitely appreciated this, but the fear factor was really there. I may only be in my 20s but already I think I'm too old for some things! Do you ever feel like that? Like "I'm too old for this stuff"? 


  1. I don't remember this movie, but I'll have to look it up in google =).
    The same thing about feeling to old happened to me, when I was the first time in adrenalin park, I couldn't wait to try the "scariest" rides, but a year ago, I was kinda scared when driving with them =)

  2. That is such a cute mani! I looove that movie :)Sounds like you had great fun but I probably would have been just as scared and panicked. Sounds like a lot of fun though.

  3. omg so damn cute i love UP so much its my fav movie =) was that a decal? gotta have one waaa

  4. Thank you ladies! I guess our sense of adventure and courage starts deserting us when we get old. Argh so depressing! Do check out the movie, if you haven't watched it, it's really sweet!

  5. Hi. Do u mind showing us how you made your water decals with it for a manicure??? please....
    Thank you :-)