Sunday, May 1, 2011

A glimpse of Chanel Holographic

On the way back from Bali, in the airport, I was pretty  bored, just walking around the shops. Amazingly they even sell pirated DVDs in the airport restricted area. Well anyway, I decided to check out the cosmetics, and I saw the Chanel display. I thought I'll check out the polishes, and I knelt down to see the polishes, which were on the bottom rack, and guess what I saw in the display of tester bottles?


Yes, every nail polish collector's wildest dream!!!!!!!!!!!! I took it up and held it up to the light and my eyes widened at the amazing holographic colours and it was so amazing! I just knelt there on the floor gaping for a while, when my bf came over and asked me what I was doing. I quickly shared with him the story of Chanel Holographic, and he was pretty stunned to hear how much Chanel Holographic was worth on ebay.

I looked at the Indonesian saleslady with hope in my eyes, and I asked her if they had a new bottle of it. My hopes were soaring high, though a little part of me knew that it was unlikely. She asked her colleague what the name of the polish was, despite the word "holographic" emblazoned across the front of the bottle, then she pulled open the drawer of polishes, and my hopes just fell. It was full of Mimosa (the new Spring polish).


I asked the saleslady if I could buy the tester, which was about half full. She looked at me and asked "how much?" And I looked up in hope again (I was still kneeling) and said USD23, which was the price the brand new polishes were going for and she said "NO". Then I wondered why the hell she would even ask me how much I would pay if she wasn't going to sell it.

So I just asked to use the tester and swatched my thumb. Here it is with its incredible amazingness and awesome glory! It's just a huge shame I couldn't buy it. Sigh.

Sorry for the huge mess. I was in a hurry, and I had chipped polish below. But isn't it amazing? 

I'm sorry for the sad pathetic one finger swatch, but I was so excited to have found Chanel Holographic then had to give it up. BLAHHHHH poo.

My bf offered to go back and pay a really huge tip to the saleslady and pay full price for the tester, but I just wasn't feeling up to it anymore. It didn't seem worth it to pay over SGD40 for a bottle of polish that was less than half full and which had been used by plenty of people. Sigh. If only they had a beautiful new bottle.

Have you ever found something so wonderful and then had to let it go?


  1. :( This is so sad! I would hate to hold such a HTF polish in my hands and be rejected like that!

  2. They are not allowed to sell testers as so many people have tried it. It is really weird that she asked how much would you pay for it!
    You can find so many dupes for it such as Nfu Oh and Gosh which are way cheaper and as awesome as this Chanel!

  3. you should check out the make up store's holo polishes. they've got outlets at raffles city and vivo. i strongly recommend that you buy the one called greta.

  4. Hi Anne-marie! Yup I know, I checked them out, but I just don't have the heart to spend so much on nail polish. They're absolutely gorgeous though! Maybe one day I'll get them.

  5. Hi I have a spare Chanel Holographic with basecoat and I'm looking for a swap of Cult Nails Clairvoyant xx

    1. Louise, do you still have it?
      I don't have Clairvoyant, but I do have other stuff that doesn't fall far from it.
      Can we try and work some kind of a deal?

    2. I have clarivoyant and I would swap for this, if you still have it available.