Thursday, May 26, 2011

My China Haul with fake OPIs!

I came across fake OPIs in China, and decided to get some because I loved the colours. Most stores quoted me a price of over 100 yuan, which is over SGD20, but obviously since I knew they were fake, I paid 10 yuan only for each of them.

One lady even tried to bluff me, she told me that the bottles were fake (obviously since all of them were labelled Alpine Snow, and not even white), but the colours inside were real. Not only did I recognize that some were not OPI colours since OPI had never release a pink glitter polish with stars inside, but also I had an OPI app on my iphone. Then she tried to bluff me that these were the latest colours, at which I laughed in her face and told her no. I wanted to name her all the polishes in the Pirates collection but I didn't know what mermaid was in Chinese, so I just laughed.

Here they are!

Yes you do see a polish named "B.O. Nail Lacquer". How enticing right?

Close up pictures of some of them:

A beautiful nude polish with gold flash

A fake pink MAC polish with blue flash

An apple green shimmery polish. Now I don't normally like green polishes but this is gorgeous!

And the most beautiful polish I bought! Beautiful pink and purple/blue glitter with stars!


  1. I like the BO one its so pretty

  2. Awesome on,es!
    I got mini fake opi from china too!

  3. Great piece. Have you swatched these yet? Wondering how they look and how many coats it takes for coverage.

  4. Id of fallen for it....i wouldnt be able to tell a fake OPI.

  5. I did not know they made fake opi. I could be fooled very easily . Thanks for the post:)

  6. I could also be fooled so easily! I wouldn't be able to tell the difference. I'd avoid fakes though

  7. It's quite easy to recognize the fakes, usually the bottles aren't symmetrical and the names are all wrong. You can probably tell even if you don't know many names because the names are all off. A whole bunch of those I saw were labelled "Alpine Snow".

    Rock-or-not, yay us! We're fake OPIers!

    Deb, I've only used the light green one, which was in my previous post. Coverage was sketchy, but I was pretty impatient when painting, so maybe with a bit more dry time in between coats, it'll turn out better!