Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My trip to China (and some NOTD pics)!

Hi everyone!

Sorry I've been MIA-ing for so long, I didn't have a chance to blog before I went, and those times I could get an internet connection in China, China blocked blogger! And facebook! Stupid great firewall.

Anyway, I was in Xi'an, Beijing, and Kunming for nearly two weeks, travelling in a tour group with my family. All I can say about my trip is that China is an absolutely beautiful country with incredibly history, but the people suck. I'm sorry, but Chinese people really piss me off. Of course, this is just a generalization with regard to their public behaviour. I stress, GENERALIZATION. I'm sure there are some lovely Chinese people out there with manners, I do have Chinese friends like that, but the behaviour of most China Chinese people is terribly abhorrent. Don't flame me for being racist/bigot, because firstly, I am Chinese, though I am Singaporean Chinese, and secondly, if you've ever been to China, you would agree wholeheartedly with me.

I've been passive smoking for about the ENTIRE trip, people smoke everywhere there, including inside restaurants, on the Great Wall, and pretty much everywhere. I've also stepped in countless puddles of spit in public places, seen people spit, including a guy spitting from the upper deck of a bus on to the road below, stepped in pee because people just can't pee properly, seen people pee, because somehow Chinese women don't all feel the need to lock the toilet door, been pushed and shoved, had my queue cut countless of times, been grabbed by very persistent touts, and worst of all, seen people spit in front of them, WHEN THEY'RE PEEING! Can you believe opening a toilet door to use it, then see bits of used toilet paper everywhere, and a huge puddle of spit in front of the toilet bowl? And somehow in China, you can't flush toilet paper down the bowl. There are signs everywhere! Not to say that I forgot sometimes. I don't understand, it's a disgusting bin by the bowl, overflowing with used toilet paper. You can see EVERYTHING.

Okay I'll stop ranting and show you my photos.

This is Xi'an, where I visited this pagoda, built by some monk, I forgot who the monk was or his significance, but it's a pretty awesome pagoda.

This is Claire's mood polish in Flirty/Shy, stamped with white clouds from konad m79.

Next up are the famous terracotta warriors that were buried with Qin Shi Huang Di.

This is the ancient city gates in Xi'an, it's incredibly how it's surrounded by modern skyscrapers!

Now we'll travel to Beijing! Here are my nails, standing in Tiannamen Square, looking at the portrait of Mao on the Forbidden City entrance gates. An interesting fact my sister says her history professor told her: The portrait of Mao gets smaller every year! 

And here is the inside of the Forbidden City, which is where the emperors (and one emperess) lived. This was the ancient palace, so you can see all the rooms, which where they lived.

Above are my sister's nails inside the forbidden city. You see that building in front? There's like 5 more after that, each with an equally huge space in front of them. It's so big! We walked for like 3 hours in blazing heat, but we barely covered even 30% of the grounds.

And here is the emperor's throne:

Now my nails are at the Great Wall of China! My nails are wearing Funky/Fabulous, a hot hot pink! I couldn't see any colour change though, even when dipped in cold water.

There was a massively rude Chinese lady on the Great Wall who decided to treat me like her own personal railing. Pissed me off like hell. But besides that, it was an incredibly engineering marvel. Did you know that if someone was sick or dead, they'll just bury him in the bricks and continue to build the wall? It was awfully tiring climbing the Great Wall, it was so steep, and horribly crowded, but it's pretty amazing to say that I've climbed the Great Wall!

Here is one of the pagodas in the Summer Palace, which is a palace Empress Ci Xi built for herself as her holiday home. I am wearing the halloween Del Sol polish.

This is the ceiling of one of the buildings inside the summer palace, Empress Ci Xi had each individual tile around the palace painted by artists, and believe me, there are probably tens of thousands of tiles there. She also had this gigantic lake dug, just for her entertainment, and a boat built out of solid marble (which couldn't float). This is power gone mad. Seriously. 

And outside the Summer Palace, there was a bunch of old folks. No idea what they were doing, but later our entire tour group realized that they were matchmaking their children! They would sit there with a piece of paper on the floor, detailing their children's particulars and achievements, then set their children up on dates. I got scolded by a lady because I wanted to take a picture of her daughter's paper. 

Now this is the last few days in Kunming, where we visited the Stone Forest, which is an incredibly landscape of granite stones. Here I'm wearing a green polish, a fake OPI which I'll tell you more about in my next post, which is gorgeous!

Awful polish, went on in splatches, and never dried. I could dent it for the next few days. But lovely colour!

Here's a clear picture of the stone forest. Absolutely breathtaking! 

Next post, my China haul! Fake OPIs and all that!


  1. Your pictures are amazing! Beautiful country. I was intrigued by the old matchmaking people. It looks like you had a great trip thank you for sharing it :)

  2. Thank you for sharing your vacation!! I love the pictures you took. And how funny matchmaking is still going on!!! Did you ever get a picture of one of the children's paper.

  3. Thank you ladies for your compliments!

    Chrissy, no unfortunately I didn't! I got told off and chased away!