Thursday, June 23, 2011

Essence Steel Me!

A magnetic polish I bought a while back. I used a bucky ball to magnetize the effect here, because I saw another blogger try it and it looked awesome. I can't remember which blog it is, but this idea is definitely not my own.

As you can see, the design created is wavy, sometimes with vertical lines, sometimes with horizontal lines. It's pretty cool!

This one really looks like snake skin!

The designs are sometimes cool, and they are all awesome one coaters, but somehow I'm just not feeling this whole magnetic thing. It's just not my thing, I guess. I don't really like the hassle of using a magnet. In fact, the bucky ball's magnetism was so strong that sometimes the nail polish would be so attracted to it, it'd lift off the nail and get some polish on the bucky balls. Frankly annoying, since the surface of the nail wouldn't be smooth anymore. I don't really like my Essence magnetics, also because of the colours. Gunmetal greys and coppers and bronzes are occasionally elegant, but really not my thing, I think I prefer konadding more! But magnetic polish is fun to play with, I've already decided to swap away my magnetics, and one day, maybe, if there's a pink magnetic polish I can get my hands on, I would keep it and use it!

Anyway, just to update all of you, I've been interning this past few weeks, and will be in the future weeks, so I haven't been able to wear all my nice polishes. I've been sticking to mainly nude colours, and in my current workplace, no one's said anything, so I will just continue to wear nudes. I will be going somewhere else to intern soon, so whether I can wear polish depends on how strict it is. 

My camera has also recently been taken by my sister, so I've been using my iphone to take these photos, therefore, the poorer quality. I know it's not the best, but still somewhat decent, right? Right? Haha okay never mind. I'll be taking more shots with my camera soon. I can't wait for the weekend! I want to wear blue/green polish! Driving me nuts wearing nudes all the time! Don't get me wrong, I love nudes, and light pinks, and all that, but it's months non-stop of wearing it! AHHH going mad. Need. Colour. In. Life. Okay ladies, have a good day ahead!

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