Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I was recently contacted by Jenna from Fotolia, who offered me a temporary subscription to Fotolia. Fotolia's like gettyimages and imageshack and all the other kinds of websites you're probably familiar with. They offer professional photographs or images for use on all kinds of occasions. Here are gorgeous and fun images:

(What a waste of polish! I rather have them on me!)

An adorable snorkelling beaver!

I downloaded these images because I think I'll make them into water decals! The bird cages would be so gorgeous on my nails!

Jenna is generously offering 3 readers a 14 day subscription to Fotolia, so please leave a comment below with your email (by 30 June, 12pm Singapore time) if you're interested in getting pictures like those above! If there are more than 3 comments, then I'll randomly pick 3 people to enjoy this offer!


  1. I love these photos! Especially the nail polish ones!

  2. Wow looks like another great site to venture!
    I'd love to be picked!

    waveringsunshine@hotmail.com :)

  3. How are you going to make them into water decals! Fun!!

  4. Nice site
    diana-konad at live dot nl