Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Have a Tempura Tantrum!

This is OPI Have a Tempura Tantrum, a very lovely shade of beige-y nude, but which sucked to apply. What you see is 4 coats, and still a little streaky. I always thought OPI's pre-B3F polishes were supposedly nicer to apply, but this polish certain runs contrary to what we all think.

Photos were taken with my iphone, which explains the poor quality, but the first picture is very colour-accurate, so you can see what a gorgeous nude it is! I love colours like these, easy on the eye, very elegant, exactly the kind of colour you'd expect to see on a posh woman. It's a little beige, but as I wore it, I realized it had quite some pink in it too, I think it'd be quite flattering on everyone.

I'm interning now, with no work to do, and very luckily I have my own office (corner office some more!), and I face the door, so no one can see my computer screen. Hence the frequent blogging, because I'm bored and have nothing to do. But soon I can't blog anymore because I'll have run out of things to post, I don't have much to post at the moment, as I'm not changing my polish often. I'm just having the urge now to paint my nails a really bright colour, something bright purple or pink, and with some outrageous stamping on it, or something really dark, like this awesome dark green polish I bought from Etude house but haven't worn yet. I change my polish according to my moods, usually I try to use the untrieds first. How do you pick what colour you wear?

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