Sunday, June 5, 2011

Pretty Heels!

Hi everyone! I haven't been updating much lately because ever since I came back from China, I've been interning, and it's a very conservative firm, so I have been playing it safe by not wearing polish at all, so there have been no photos since I post my manicures largely at the same time that I'm wearing them and there's no secret store of photos that I have for you.

Anyway since I've ended work at the firm already, here's my latest and current mani! It's China Glaze Mom's Chiffon, stamped with konad special black polish using the stilettos image from the new Bundle Monster plates!

On my left hand, I had stamped with WnW Black Creme, but the images turned out very faint (as seen below) and not as complete, so I switched to Konad black on my right hand. 

You can see that the quality of stamping is very different, I think one must be aware that when stamping with images which are not thin lines, a more opaque polish would be preferable for the best quality. 

Anyway I love this manicure, it's so pretty and girly! I wanted to do this last weekend, but I was so tired that I couldn't stay awake long enough to stamp it, and I figured I'd wait till my internship was over so I could do this mani and keep it on for at least a few days. I wish BM made similar full nail images, with handbags and dresses and jewellery etc., it would be awesome like that!