Monday, July 25, 2011

piCture pOlish blog fest- Steal

Hi everyone! I was sent a bottle of polish by Picture Polish to review for their blog fest day. It's silver, it's gorgeous, and it's a foil! It's called Steal, and it's a very shimmery foil. China Glaze Millenium is really like a flat silver foil, but this one is glittery and foily!

What you see is 2 coats of pretty foily goodness! It has some glitter, which makes it nicer than the typical foil, but as you can see, it made clean-up a little difficult, as little glittery particles are stuck around my cuticles. I don't usually fret about this though, I didn't even use to do clean-up because I knew that a few showers would wash away the extra bits on my skin. Now I know how much tidier it looks. 

One thing I disliked about this polish was that it was a little brush-strokey. As you can see, I wasn't very careful with my little finger, and it looks really uneven. 

Another thing is that a silver foil isn't really that unique. Most brands have a silver foil in their collection somewhere. I have China Glaze Millennium, so I would say that Millennium is flat, not so glittery, so I do prefer Steal, but at the same time, a silver foil isn't that special. This colour is dupable. If you're not living in Australia, shipping costs wouldn't make it worth it just to get this polish. But if you're eyeing a bunch of other polishes too and you don't have a silver foil, then this might just be fore you!

The picture below does kind of make it look like someone with awesome nails is trying to STEAL my polish away! Haha I'm so cheesy. 

While certain silver foils can be used for konad stamping, it's most likely that this one can't, because it takes two coat to be fully opaque. This picture below shows the polish at 1 coat. 

Picture Polish has a great range of colours, I've only tried this shade so far so I can't say much about the other shades nor formulas, but from trying out Steal, the formula seems average, the brush handle is rubber so that's really nice for holding to paint, so I wouldn't mind trying other shades out!

Friday, July 22, 2011

TiNS The High Drama

A beautiful periwinkle blue glitter! Have you noticed the rarity of periwinkle blue polishes? What about periwinkle blue GLITTER?!

Granted, this periwinkle blue isn't exactly the deep shade of periwinkle, it's more on the lighter side, but I don't know what other terms can describe this very beautiful beautiful glitter.

This is the most colour accurate picture. Looking at it on my nails, I just want to float! Like in a powdery blue sky filled with spinning diamond rain drops and sunlight hits these raindrops, creating a slight sheen of aquamarine green.

Look how shiny it is!

This is by far the most unique glitter I have. It's in such a special shade, and it's GLITTER!

TiNS polishes are really unique, they have a lot of special glittery shades, unfortunately they are very expensive too, and sometimes just not worth it unless they're really really SPECIAL! Like this one! I bought this from Nailvibe a while back for SGD16.50

On another note, what is with their names?! Why do all TiNS polishes have the word "the" in front of it? Sometimes they don't even make sense. I wouldn't say this polish is dramatic, pretty yes, dramatic... not really. This colour just makes me floaty I guess. But considering that most Asian polishes don't even come with names, this is really a step up for the brand. Hopefully one day, all Asian polishes will stop being known by plain ol' numbers.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Roses on the wallpaper

For the first time in a really long time, I did some hand painted nail art! Or something close to hand painted at least! Some pretty pretty abstract roses! Since my blog is one of the tiny blogs in the sea of nail art blogs, you would probably have seen the same design elsewhere, because that's where I learnt it from.

The base is OPI Fair Pinkum Dinkum, and from the name alone I would probably infer it's from the Australian collection. It's a beautiful pink polish with silver flecks, very gorgeous even on its own.

I love how simple and elegant it is!

Then I used a dotting tool to create these beautiful roses, and used a tiny brush to paint on the leaves. Clearly, the hand painted leaves are really really crooked.

China Glaze White on White, Orly Poison Apple, Nina Pro green polish, and OPI Who the Shrek are You are the polishes I used. 

This was a really fun manicure to do, I got loads of compliments on this, and some who saw it asked, "stickers?". And I got a little offended, because it was "stickers?" in the "I can't believe YOU are capable of hand painting this so it must be stickers" kind of tone, but I figured I'd just take it in the "wow it's so beautiful it has to be stickers!" kind of tone instead! Haha self-comfort. Do you ever get such reactions when you do your own nail art?

Friday, July 15, 2011

OPI DS Extravagance + stamping!

OPI DS Extravagance is a very pretty scattered holo polish. It's a deep berry pink, with what almost seems like a red shimmer in the depths then when light hits the surface, it just bursts into a myriad of pink, blue, silver and green from the holographic glitter.

It's a subtle holographic effect, very elegant for days when you don't want your nails to be too flashy but yet you also want to call attention to your gorgeous well groomed nails. 

For some reason my little finger can never line up properly with the rest of my fingers. Awkward!

I stamped on top of this with the full nail butterfly design from the new BM plates. I love the full nail designs on the new BM plates now, mainly because they're properly big. Even when my nails were nubbins, the old BM plates could never properly be stamped across my nail because I generally have giant nails (as compared to teensy weensy nails). 

You can see the butterfly effect really nicely here, before anything has been painted on top. I stamped with WnW black creme. 

It's really so pretty and subtle!

Then I thought that I'd like the whole nail design to be really holographic, so I added a layer of China Glaze Wireless Holographic Top Coat, and then you can't see the design so well anymore.

Yep, sad sad disappointment now. 

I've learnt my lesson- for intricate designs, don't holographify everything!

On another note, I used to have nubbins. If you go back to my first few posts, you'd see awful clean-up (aka no clean up) and nails so short that my fingertips extend well beyond the nails. It's a habit instilled by my piano teacher who hated hearing the click of my fingernails on the piano, so my nails would be cut as short as possible.

But thanks to the nail board on Makeupalley and the many nail blogs, I decided to grow my nails longer, and look how much they've grown today!

Not the nicest looking nails, or the best painted nails around, but I would certainly say this is very decent compared to 6 months ago! I've also started to get used to having longer nails, even though I dislike having to dig out the dirt under my nails constantly. I'm a bit of a germaphobe so I constantly clean it, and I did read somewhere that germs can hide there and make you really sick, which is why healthcare professionals aren't allowed to keep long nails. I've got rather fat hands too, very thick knuckles, I used to crack my fingers all the time when I was younger, and my mum told me that it would make my knuckles big but I didn't believe her, and now they're big, so I don't know if that's really true!

Long nails do elongate the fingers, so I think my hands look nicer with long nails despite the fat knuckles! Do you prefer long or short nails?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Frenetic Fruity Fun!

I bought a pack of fimo canes off ebay ages ago, but never really got round to using them. The problem was that most of the canes weren't really of a very fancy design, some were dowdy flowers and some were simply unidentifiable. But I really wanted to wear OPI Who The Shrek Are You and spice it up, so I thought some fruity fun would funk this manicure up! Okay I'm really into f-words today!

As you can see, not all of the fruits on my fingers are identifiable. Pray tell, what is that yellow round thing with a pink circle and a black dot in the middle on my ring finger and thumb? 

I would be kind and suggest it's some kind of Japanese fishcake that they put in noodles and soup, but the pink bit in the center really reminds me more of a nipple *dirty mind*. 

And again, pray tell what is that little white and green circle, the one with little lines tri-secting the green bordered white circle? I would again be generous and say it looks like sushi but it doesn't really bear any resemblance to the sushi I ate two days ago. 

But nonetheless, feverish frenzied fruity fimo fun indeed!

Okay I'll confess right now: Actually, I cannot identify any of the fimo canes except the slice of orange.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Bubble yummy water marble

I love water marbles. I hate the process, but I love the pretty swirly effect on the nail. I love how the colours just blend together, and how perfectly matchy matchy colours and make a manicure look absolutely amazing! Colette from My Simple Little Pleasures is amazing at this. 

I saw her water marble using the China Glaze poolside collection, and I wanted to do it too, so I bought the whole collection. It's so far the only collection that I've ever purchased. Unfortunately, that failed miserably because I just couldn't make the polishes work as the neon polishes dry really fast, even on the surface of water, but this one that I did isn't too bad!

This manicure was meant to be a pastel rainbow, but the colours weren't really good at spreading out, so it looks weird. 

I do love the swirly bit on my ring finger here. I wished all my nails looked like that.

I've also learnt that sometimes polishes look like a good match for a water marble in the bottle, but some polishes just don't work well with water marbling. The initial blue polish I picked out didn't work well, so I had to switch to this one instead. The rest worked pretty well, but not all the polishes were very good at spreading out. The pink and yellow and purple polishes spread very well, but not the green or blue.

Anyway I do love water marbles, despite the horrendous clean up I have to do after. After my internship in two weeks, I definitely want to try some more water marbles. Any suggestions on colours to try together?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Amazing Fantasticness: Ozotic Pro 504

I just placed a pretty big Ozotic Pro order, but I figured that before it came, I better try out my other untried Ozotic Pro. I tried it before, but it looked pretty bad, mainly because I didn't wear a black layer of polish below.

Anyway here are the amaze-balls pictures! Ozotic Pro 504 has a beautiful colour-morph effect. It goes from purple to blue to bronze. It's absolutely gorgeous, the colours really constantly change in different kinds of light.

Here you can see the blue to purple to bronze!

Here you can see mostly the purple and blue only.

This picture really shows all the beautiful colours!

After I wore this for a day, I wondered to myself, hm, what could I do to make this even more amazing???? Well, Nubar 2010 is the answer! Look at these flakies!

Flakies on top of the blue/purple bits appear to glow red!

But flakies on top of the bronze parts glow green!

Here you can really see the morphing! Look at the red flakies glowing on top of the purple change into green flakies glowing on top of the bronze!

This combination is really absolutely amazing, I urge you to give a shot with layering polishes on top of each other, you may just come up with some crazy beautiful colours!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Rugby World Cup decals!

I'm a rugby fan. I don't play rugby, I can't imagine playing it, but I love watching the sport! What's to object about 15 hot men running on a field in tight pants? ; )

Anyway the world cup is later this year in September and October, and I made some water decals for the occasion. I'm starting to find that the water decals I made a few months back, yes, all the water decals are still from the same sheet of paper, aren't sticking very well. It doesn't have the ability to stick to the nail after removing the decal in water. I've got about 3/4 of the A4 sheet of decals I made left, one A4 sheet of water decal paper can really make a lot, probably a couple hundred I'm guessing. For now, I use a bit of top coat then I stick the decal on, which is really troublesome, and explains the tiny bubbles you will see.

Here are the awesome team motifs, they're pretty clear, and I plan to wear them when the world cup comes by and wow people!

The teams in the picture above are Ireland, Fiji, Wallabies (Australia), and England. 

The teams in the picture above are the All Blacks (New Zealand), Samoa, Springboks (South Africa), Les Blues (France). 

These teams are not any particular favourite of mine, but I am very partial to the All Blacks. Dan Carter is HOT!

See? See?! Am I right or what? You should watch a match and check out his ass each time he's about to kick a penalty or conversion. SWOON!

I still have one spot left for anyone who would like to try Fotolia, which I reviewed here, so if you're interested, please leave your email address in the post here. I will pick the first three people who have left their email address there. There are already two, so the third spot's empty!