Thursday, July 7, 2011

Amazing Fantasticness: Ozotic Pro 504

I just placed a pretty big Ozotic Pro order, but I figured that before it came, I better try out my other untried Ozotic Pro. I tried it before, but it looked pretty bad, mainly because I didn't wear a black layer of polish below.

Anyway here are the amaze-balls pictures! Ozotic Pro 504 has a beautiful colour-morph effect. It goes from purple to blue to bronze. It's absolutely gorgeous, the colours really constantly change in different kinds of light.

Here you can see the blue to purple to bronze!

Here you can see mostly the purple and blue only.

This picture really shows all the beautiful colours!

After I wore this for a day, I wondered to myself, hm, what could I do to make this even more amazing???? Well, Nubar 2010 is the answer! Look at these flakies!

Flakies on top of the blue/purple bits appear to glow red!

But flakies on top of the bronze parts glow green!

Here you can really see the morphing! Look at the red flakies glowing on top of the purple change into green flakies glowing on top of the bronze!

This combination is really absolutely amazing, I urge you to give a shot with layering polishes on top of each other, you may just come up with some crazy beautiful colours!


  1. Great idea to put Nubar 2010 on top of 504. It looks beautiful. I will have to try that!!

  2. Looks great! Reminds me of outer space.

  3. Amazing!!

    I prefer it with nubar on it!

  4. I must have both of those. Stunning!