Monday, July 11, 2011

Bubble yummy water marble

I love water marbles. I hate the process, but I love the pretty swirly effect on the nail. I love how the colours just blend together, and how perfectly matchy matchy colours and make a manicure look absolutely amazing! Colette from My Simple Little Pleasures is amazing at this. 

I saw her water marble using the China Glaze poolside collection, and I wanted to do it too, so I bought the whole collection. It's so far the only collection that I've ever purchased. Unfortunately, that failed miserably because I just couldn't make the polishes work as the neon polishes dry really fast, even on the surface of water, but this one that I did isn't too bad!

This manicure was meant to be a pastel rainbow, but the colours weren't really good at spreading out, so it looks weird. 

I do love the swirly bit on my ring finger here. I wished all my nails looked like that.

I've also learnt that sometimes polishes look like a good match for a water marble in the bottle, but some polishes just don't work well with water marbling. The initial blue polish I picked out didn't work well, so I had to switch to this one instead. The rest worked pretty well, but not all the polishes were very good at spreading out. The pink and yellow and purple polishes spread very well, but not the green or blue.

Anyway I do love water marbles, despite the horrendous clean up I have to do after. After my internship in two weeks, I definitely want to try some more water marbles. Any suggestions on colours to try together?


  1. i must admit, i'm not a fan of water marbling, but this looks really cute and pretty, if my water marbles looked like this, i'd do them a lot more often : )

  2. I love the colors!
    Amazing mani!