Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Frenetic Fruity Fun!

I bought a pack of fimo canes off ebay ages ago, but never really got round to using them. The problem was that most of the canes weren't really of a very fancy design, some were dowdy flowers and some were simply unidentifiable. But I really wanted to wear OPI Who The Shrek Are You and spice it up, so I thought some fruity fun would funk this manicure up! Okay I'm really into f-words today!

As you can see, not all of the fruits on my fingers are identifiable. Pray tell, what is that yellow round thing with a pink circle and a black dot in the middle on my ring finger and thumb? 

I would be kind and suggest it's some kind of Japanese fishcake that they put in noodles and soup, but the pink bit in the center really reminds me more of a nipple *dirty mind*. 

And again, pray tell what is that little white and green circle, the one with little lines tri-secting the green bordered white circle? I would again be generous and say it looks like sushi but it doesn't really bear any resemblance to the sushi I ate two days ago. 

But nonetheless, feverish frenzied fruity fimo fun indeed!

Okay I'll confess right now: Actually, I cannot identify any of the fimo canes except the slice of orange.


  1. That is really cute! I was wondering what those were as well lol maybe one is a kiwi? The mani looks great though :)