Monday, July 25, 2011

piCture pOlish blog fest- Steal

Hi everyone! I was sent a bottle of polish by Picture Polish to review for their blog fest day. It's silver, it's gorgeous, and it's a foil! It's called Steal, and it's a very shimmery foil. China Glaze Millenium is really like a flat silver foil, but this one is glittery and foily!

What you see is 2 coats of pretty foily goodness! It has some glitter, which makes it nicer than the typical foil, but as you can see, it made clean-up a little difficult, as little glittery particles are stuck around my cuticles. I don't usually fret about this though, I didn't even use to do clean-up because I knew that a few showers would wash away the extra bits on my skin. Now I know how much tidier it looks. 

One thing I disliked about this polish was that it was a little brush-strokey. As you can see, I wasn't very careful with my little finger, and it looks really uneven. 

Another thing is that a silver foil isn't really that unique. Most brands have a silver foil in their collection somewhere. I have China Glaze Millennium, so I would say that Millennium is flat, not so glittery, so I do prefer Steal, but at the same time, a silver foil isn't that special. This colour is dupable. If you're not living in Australia, shipping costs wouldn't make it worth it just to get this polish. But if you're eyeing a bunch of other polishes too and you don't have a silver foil, then this might just be fore you!

The picture below does kind of make it look like someone with awesome nails is trying to STEAL my polish away! Haha I'm so cheesy. 

While certain silver foils can be used for konad stamping, it's most likely that this one can't, because it takes two coat to be fully opaque. This picture below shows the polish at 1 coat. 

Picture Polish has a great range of colours, I've only tried this shade so far so I can't say much about the other shades nor formulas, but from trying out Steal, the formula seems average, the brush handle is rubber so that's really nice for holding to paint, so I wouldn't mind trying other shades out!


  1. Happy Blog-Fest-Day!

    I just found your blog and like it very much, so I'm a new follower now!

    Best regard!

  2. I think the glitter is a great addition to set it apart from other foils. It looks really eye catching!

  3. Thank you Ninea!

    Turtlechick, definitely! Maybe I should try a glitter top coat on top of this silver foil!