Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Rugby World Cup decals!

I'm a rugby fan. I don't play rugby, I can't imagine playing it, but I love watching the sport! What's to object about 15 hot men running on a field in tight pants? ; )

Anyway the world cup is later this year in September and October, and I made some water decals for the occasion. I'm starting to find that the water decals I made a few months back, yes, all the water decals are still from the same sheet of paper, aren't sticking very well. It doesn't have the ability to stick to the nail after removing the decal in water. I've got about 3/4 of the A4 sheet of decals I made left, one A4 sheet of water decal paper can really make a lot, probably a couple hundred I'm guessing. For now, I use a bit of top coat then I stick the decal on, which is really troublesome, and explains the tiny bubbles you will see.

Here are the awesome team motifs, they're pretty clear, and I plan to wear them when the world cup comes by and wow people!

The teams in the picture above are Ireland, Fiji, Wallabies (Australia), and England. 

The teams in the picture above are the All Blacks (New Zealand), Samoa, Springboks (South Africa), Les Blues (France). 

These teams are not any particular favourite of mine, but I am very partial to the All Blacks. Dan Carter is HOT!

See? See?! Am I right or what? You should watch a match and check out his ass each time he's about to kick a penalty or conversion. SWOON!

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  2. I TOTALLY need to know how to make those!!! I volunteer here in TX with rugby and USA rugby events and Houston Sports Authority rugby events - I so need these!!! ASAP lol