Friday, July 22, 2011

TiNS The High Drama

A beautiful periwinkle blue glitter! Have you noticed the rarity of periwinkle blue polishes? What about periwinkle blue GLITTER?!

Granted, this periwinkle blue isn't exactly the deep shade of periwinkle, it's more on the lighter side, but I don't know what other terms can describe this very beautiful beautiful glitter.

This is the most colour accurate picture. Looking at it on my nails, I just want to float! Like in a powdery blue sky filled with spinning diamond rain drops and sunlight hits these raindrops, creating a slight sheen of aquamarine green.

Look how shiny it is!

This is by far the most unique glitter I have. It's in such a special shade, and it's GLITTER!

TiNS polishes are really unique, they have a lot of special glittery shades, unfortunately they are very expensive too, and sometimes just not worth it unless they're really really SPECIAL! Like this one! I bought this from Nailvibe a while back for SGD16.50

On another note, what is with their names?! Why do all TiNS polishes have the word "the" in front of it? Sometimes they don't even make sense. I wouldn't say this polish is dramatic, pretty yes, dramatic... not really. This colour just makes me floaty I guess. But considering that most Asian polishes don't even come with names, this is really a step up for the brand. Hopefully one day, all Asian polishes will stop being known by plain ol' numbers.


  1. Fantastic colour! As expected of TiNS, their polishes always blow me away!!!

  2. Such a pretty color! I have seen many TiNS polishes that make me want to try them. So pretty

  3. I dont mind paying so much for such gorgeous color! is it me or i see gradient in every pic?

  4. Yup TiNS polishes are just gorgeous!

    @ Silence is Loud: Nope there's no gradient, just the light hitting it and making it seem so!

  5. *sigh* this is on my wish list right now, but I am on a no-buy! That's unfortunate. Looks really pretty!