Tuesday, August 9, 2011

BYS Colour-change polish + stamping!

This is a pretty turquoise polish, but unfortunately it doesn't change colour very well. It's colour change is from a green-based turquoise to a blue-based turquoise, barely discernible, and so I didn't bother taking pictures of it, because it won't appear properly on screen.

But it is a very pretty turquoise nonetheless, and it looks pretty with some stamping!

Stamped with konad special white polish with the new BM plates. I love the design, it looks like little lily pads, a frog there would be really cute. 

Unfortunately the print turned out looking more like pretty dandelions, which is not objectionable, just that I prefer lily pads. 

Pretty and cute! I got lots of compliments on this. 


  1. I can see why you got a lot of compliments on it. Its very pretty!

  2. Very cute! Its hard to say what that stamp image is suppose to be....but its a cool design none the less!