Friday, August 5, 2011

Table franken!

I call this a table franken, because I ate at a restaurant a few weeks back and it had some very nice table tops. The table was reddish-purple, very blackened, with maroon and red and silver shimmer. It was so pretty, I decided to make a franken inspired by it!

It's a very pretty purply-black, with some red in it, and I really like it! I added some purple, red and silver holographic glitter.

However, I went back to the restaurant recently again and realized that the base was darker than what I had frankened, so I may just tweak it a little bit more. 

Does it look familiar? Very dupish to something?

Yup! I realized after I put it on that it's super dupish to OPI DS Extravagance, and I pulled my bottle out, and it turns out I made a really really close dupe! My franken had more reddish glitter in it, but it's definitely very close to it. Haha I guess I better tweak it and make it different. I hate owning dupes.

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