Friday, September 9, 2011

Dollar Nail Art haul

I ordered some stuff recently from Dollar Nail Art for me and two other nail polish crazy friends, it was pretty awesome, the box came and was just so full of foils! We ordered foils, glitter, flakies, and little funny shaped glitters.

Here are just the foils:

Today I'll just show you all the different foils we ordered, in case anyone ever decides that they want to order these foils.

Silver Starburst: Small many-pointed stars

White Star: Big five-pointed stars

Wrapping Paper

African Jade: Looks like antique marble, gorgeous!

Primary Colours: Colours change across the strip (horizontally), not vertically like Wrapping Paper (above).

Ocean Mist: Pretty purple and blue speckles

Tie Dye Surprise: Frenzied rainbow spots

Silver Spectrum: It is as you see it in the picture, the rainbow appears at different angles.

Snakeskin: Definitely meant to be layered on top of a base colour, a great alternative to konad!

Earthquake: Looks like how dry mud gets cracked up when there's not enough rain. This is ugly-beautiful. 

Elven Gold: Really reminds me of the elves from Lord of the Rings. I imagine this is what their bedsheets look like. 

English Rose: Flowers on a translucent background.

Laser Optics: Straight holographic purple lines

White Gold: A gold foil

And if any of you are wondering, these are the glitters:

I have frankened with some of these already, like the hex glitter and the white hearts, and I'm happy to announce that they don't melt. However, it's very little glitter for USD1, I must find a cheaper supplier for hex glitters. Anyone know of any?

These are the flakies:

I am unhappy to announce that they DO MELT. Don't put them in polish! The edges of each flakie starts fading in colour almost from the moment they enter clear polish. What a shame.

I haven't been blogging for a while because I've been busy, I'm preparing to go on exchange trip to Israel, but I will be travelling through Europe first. I probably can't blog that regularly, but I will take many pictures to show all of you later! In the mean time, I need NAIL POLISH SHOPPING ADVICE!

What brands and where can I find them in London, Paris, Rome and Venice? I'm looking for Barry M, Nails Inc, Essence (I really want Essence!), Illamasqua, Sleek and whatever other brands any of you can recommend.

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