Thursday, September 15, 2011


China Glaze Lubu Heels, RBL Black Russian, Milani Garnet Gems, Color Club Red Velvet- black jelly base with red glitter!

This polish always looked so gorgeous and chic to me, and I nearly shelled out for the China Glaze one, but I'm glad I decided not to because I saved money by frankening it!

This was really easy to franken, I just added some black polish to clear polish to create a jelly, then added in red micro glitter from TKB Trading. 

I love the flexibility in frankening! Initially I thought I wanted the polish dark with a little red shimmer, but after putting it on I realized it was really really dark and the red shimmer could barely be seen, so I added in more red glitter. 

Perfect! I needed more red glitter in it because as you can see in the photo below, even with a lot of red glitter, from far it does look very dark and almost black.

I really do love TKB's micro glitter for frankening, it's really really micro, probably smaller than the glitter found in the OPI Burlesque glitter polishes and even in Almost Alice. It really looks foil-y from far, but can be glittery when mixed with a coloured base. It's also really really small so it's not hard to remove, I didn't even have to use the foil method to get all the glitter off!

So what do you think of my frankendupe? Close enough?


  1. NICE JOB!!! Its beautiful! I should order some of their micro glitter

  2. I own both Lubu Heels and Red Velvet and yes, your franken is very close. It looks fantastic. :D

  3. Wow!!
    Great job!!
    You did well to franken this one!

  4. Wow, can't believe you made this looks awesome. I want to get my hands on Lubu Heels.

  5. Yay thank you for your comments ladies! I'm happy to hear that my franken is really close to the original!

    @Pixie Polish: Definitely! Their micro glitters are awesome!