Saturday, September 24, 2011

Gold and black half-moon

I wanted to try a half-moon manicure for a while, but was pretty lazy because of the whole stickers thing, it really sucks using stickers, sometimes when pulling off the sticker it pulls off the base colour too, but if it's not sticky enough, then sometimes the other colour will seep under and ruin it.

But I went ahead and gave it a shot, as you can see it isn't that neat, but I do like how elegant it makes my fingers look.

As you can see, the gold part is quite thick, because I needed a lot of coats to cover up the very opaque black below. I used Alessandro gold polish for this. It came in a set with a crackle polish that I bought in Hong Kong last year.

Really looks elegant here, don't you think?

Any tips for making a nicer half moon?

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