Thursday, September 29, 2011

Nail Foil: Tie Dye Surprise

Hello! I'm in Europe now, and finally with a wi-fi connection so I can do some posts.

Here's a nail foil that I bought from Dollar Nail Art quite a while back, and it's quite... bling-y. A little un-tasteful....

I really wanted to like this pattern, but most of the colours that came out were the greens, which weren't so pretty. I really prefer the purple and pink bits of the foil. 

Nonetheless, playing with foils is so fun, and it's awesome that there's no dry time (unless you put a top coat). I used a top coat though (gelous), and it did take some time to dry. If you do use the same foils, remember not to use a quick dry top coat like seche vite because it wrinkles the surface and spoils everything.


  1. I really like this...the colours are so nice. I've seen a lot of posts with foils lately. How do they stick to the nail?

  2. Hey Alicia, you got to first brush on a layer of glue, then stick the foil on top of it and peel off the excess. It's really easy to use!