Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pretty purple with stamping

This was a pretty simple mani, I used a very pretty nameless purple polish from a brand called Eleanor. I bought this in Sasa in Hong Kong from my trip last year, and shamefully it has remained untried until now.

It is a pastel purple, slightly on the darker side, and it has this amazing gold shimmer in it! Completely gorgeous! It's very subtle, and it lends an air of posh-ness to the basic pastel purple.

Stamped with a fauxnad plate, I think it's from the Born Pretty Store's Hello Kitty plate, using a really old Maybelline polish that was given to me, and embellished with a purple rhinestone on the thumbs.

Some of these weird brands may not be B3F, they may not have names, and they may be really cheap and looked down upon, but they do have some extremely pretty colours.

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