Sunday, September 18, 2011

Silver Starburst Foil

As you read this, I'll be leaving onnnn a jet planeeeee!

Yes! To Europe! Woo hoo! My first time in Europe! I'll be travelling around for a bit, before I fly off to Israel, so pretty much all the posts you read from here are all scheduled, and hopefully I have enough "stock" to keep the automatic scheduling on for a while, because I'll really be going to a lot of places, and some hostels I'm staying in are charging for wi-fi, so I'll definitely not pay for it.

This foil is from the recent haul talked about here. The foils are fairly easy to use, you put on a layer of glue, then wait for it to dry, but not too long either. I take the foil out before I even start and snip it into smaller pieces, generally I use 2 long pieces, 1 for each hand.

The glue goes on milky/cloudy, so when it becomes transparent, then just take the foil, and press the underside of the foil on to the nail, and quickly pull it away. If there are any gaps in between, just press the foil onto that area. Voila! Pretty nails!

This was my first try with the foils, and it wasn't very good because my friend did some of them for me. We had a lot of fun, and she was completely amazed by how shiny it was.

I did this hand:

And this is the other hand! Not very well done, you can see the patches through to the base colour (China Glaze Millenium), but it is still AMAZINGLY shiny!

I love how shiny it is! It really catches the sun when you go out.