Saturday, October 22, 2011

Rugby World Cup decals (Part 2)

The Rugby World Cup finals are in less than 24 hours and I am so sad that I am going to miss it! My first day of orientation in my school is tomorrow at the exact same time and there's no way I can miss that. I'm really sad, considering that I managed to follow most matches despite all the travelling in Europe. I even found a cafe in israel that does show the matches, so this is really depressing, especially since my favourite team is playing!

Part 1 of the decals I used is here, for this I used the decals for all the other countries that I didn't use in Part 1.

L-R: Canada, Scotland, Argentina, Tonga

L-R: Namibia, USA, Japan and Wales

My toes show my favourite team: The All Blacks!

By the way, my toes are not in good condition because I dance in high heels a lot (ah-hem, I'm not a stripper, just a ballroom dancer), so scroll down only if you're prepared. Warning: Awesome hand-painted All Black feathers ahead!

Are you supporting the All Blacks or the Les Blues?

My nails travel Europe!

Hi everyone! I'm current on exchange in Israel, and before I arrived in Israel I decided to tour a bit of Europe- London, Paris, Rome and Venice. So just like my photos of my trip in China, I have photos of my nails in all these different places! Sometimes I put two pictures up of the same place, so you can see my nails in one, and then the background in the other.

My konaded nails that I did before leaving, base colour is one of the BYS colour-changing polishes, using one of the new BM stamps, and stamped with China Glaze 2030.

In front of the Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament

At a sundial in Windsor Castle

The Eiffel Tower! I picnic-ed at the base of the tower with quiches, salads and wine. I love how people picnic in the grass in European countries. There're just too many ants in the grass in Singapore! Lovely cooling weather too.

Models' Own Utopia

Paris Disneyland! How could I not go there? I'm a 22 year old child still in love with Disney movies and songs. I wish they made princess costumes for adults. 

OPI Alpine Snow with my own decals. Sorry for the poor poor clean-up, I had no clean-up brush so this was the best I could do. 

Standing above the ancient Roman Forum with the ruins below. It was so hot in Rome!

Isn't that a beautiful chilli pepper red? No clean-up too! It's a random brand I bought from a cart in a metro station in Paris. Probably from China, it smells so bad!

Outside the Colosseum

Inside the Colosseum

The canals of Venice

This is Deborah Milano Celestial Sky, a polish I bought in Rome, but which can be found in Paris too.

Outside a pretty church in Venice

My pretty purple nails on the island of Murano, famous for its blown glass. I had a massive Kiko haul in Rome, this is Kiko 255, a sexy purple with holographic glitter. Reminiscent of OPI DS Extravagance, but purple with no plum. 

It looks sunny on the island, but heck it was so cold!

I hope you enjoyed these pictures, Europe is a beautiful continent and I had an amazing time sight-seeing. However, London is my favourite city because of the awesome cheap shopping, no language barrier, and ready-made food from M&S and Pret-a-manger. I had lovely picnics in the parks, and the weather was cool but not too cold. I definitely hope to return to Europe again to check out all the other cities when I'm older!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

OPI Royal Rajah Ruby

A dark beautiful vampy red from their India collection quite a while back, I managed to get this from a blog sale a while ago, but only wore it recently. And when I say recently I actually mean a couple of months back because I wore this before I left Singapore, and now I'm in Israel.

There is very very fine red/gold micro shimmer in a dark vampy base, and it kind of glows! It's dark around the edges but glow-y in the middle, really looks like a dark coloured ruby (if there was such a thing)

The polish also looks brown in certain lighting as you can see below. It looks murky brown now. 

Vampy reds are real common polishes, but this is something really pretty!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

OPI DS Exclusive

Yes I've worn this holo before, but it's really so pretty that I must show it again! I love berry shades- pink-purply shades, and what's more incredible than adding holo to it?

OPI DS Exclusive, that's what!

It's holo in all kinds of light- sunlight, low light, bright light! This is such a beautiful colour! What's your favourite holographic colour?

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Glitter Gal Marine Blue

This is an awesome blue holographic polish which I posted already before, but anyway I decided to wear it again and post pictures again because now I have more awesome shots of the holographic goodness and it's such an awesome colour that I want to show it to you all again.

This holo is awesome not only in the sunlight, but also in the shade. 

In fact it's really holo in artificial low light conditions, like in bathrooms for example. 

And it's so pretty that I just couldn't cover it up with nail art this time, I needed to see the pure holo-ness all the time!

In sunlight, the holo is best seen only at an angle, rather than direct. Glitter Gal does make some of the best holos around, and they're easily available, in that they can be purchased, and they're in stock, and they're not hard-to-find like some of the OPI Designer Series polishes now. I'm honestly not getting paid by them or affiliated whatsoever, it's just that their polishes are great and I have no qualms recommending them to you!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Nail Foil: Laser Optics

This is purple! Beautiful lines of holographic purple! Unfortunately it didn't turn out that well, given that my nails are curved (as most people's are), and it was difficult to get a straight line from the holographic lines because of that. 

You can definitely see the pretty purple lines still, and it's really pretty nonetheless. 

You can see the parts where the foils clearly doesn't lie flat and "cracks" a little, making this a foil/shatter hybrid kind of nail art, which is kind of cool, but disappointing, because I rather have the long lines of holographic purple instead. 

Still fun and awesome though!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Purple grape juice

Now this nail polish has no name, it was purchased a while back from Hong Kong, but it's a pretty purple jelly, and really reminds me of grape juice, so I'm naming it grape juice!

Very simple, basic purple, but great to apply and fun to look at! So squishy!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Nail Foil: African Jade

I loooove this nail foil! It is so pretty, and it looks like some gorgeous italian marble.

I love the bits of turquoise in the midst of the gold, it's really quite a lovely touch. It's like how gold jewelry gets tarnished and turns green, which isn't a very nice thought exactly but somehow just looks great here. 

This is a great foil to work with, no crinkling with the top coat at all, and very easy to apply. The previous one, tie-dye surprise, wasn't as easy to work with. What do you think? Yay or neigh?