Saturday, October 8, 2011

Glitter Gal Marine Blue

This is an awesome blue holographic polish which I posted already before, but anyway I decided to wear it again and post pictures again because now I have more awesome shots of the holographic goodness and it's such an awesome colour that I want to show it to you all again.

This holo is awesome not only in the sunlight, but also in the shade. 

In fact it's really holo in artificial low light conditions, like in bathrooms for example. 

And it's so pretty that I just couldn't cover it up with nail art this time, I needed to see the pure holo-ness all the time!

In sunlight, the holo is best seen only at an angle, rather than direct. Glitter Gal does make some of the best holos around, and they're easily available, in that they can be purchased, and they're in stock, and they're not hard-to-find like some of the OPI Designer Series polishes now. I'm honestly not getting paid by them or affiliated whatsoever, it's just that their polishes are great and I have no qualms recommending them to you!

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