Saturday, October 22, 2011

Rugby World Cup decals (Part 2)

The Rugby World Cup finals are in less than 24 hours and I am so sad that I am going to miss it! My first day of orientation in my school is tomorrow at the exact same time and there's no way I can miss that. I'm really sad, considering that I managed to follow most matches despite all the travelling in Europe. I even found a cafe in israel that does show the matches, so this is really depressing, especially since my favourite team is playing!

Part 1 of the decals I used is here, for this I used the decals for all the other countries that I didn't use in Part 1.

L-R: Canada, Scotland, Argentina, Tonga

L-R: Namibia, USA, Japan and Wales

My toes show my favourite team: The All Blacks!

By the way, my toes are not in good condition because I dance in high heels a lot (ah-hem, I'm not a stripper, just a ballroom dancer), so scroll down only if you're prepared. Warning: Awesome hand-painted All Black feathers ahead!

Are you supporting the All Blacks or the Les Blues?


  1. All Blacks! I'm in NZ and it feels like the whole country is soo excited for tonight. I don't even usually follow the rugby but I'm excited for it tonight!