Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Deborah Milano Burgundy Passion

This is one of the polishes I bought in Rome, but also available in Paris, from what I've seen. It's cheaper in Rome though. It is a beautiful dark brown, with orange and gold shimmer in it. 

The brown kind of has a red tinge to it, and is somewhat maroon-y in the picture below, but it's definitely in the brown family. This merits the "burgundy" part of the name, I guess. I love this shade, because it has this maturity to it, and looks really polished, and up close the shimmer is unexpected. The orange and gold glitter stands out well, and is not that obvious in my pictures of my nails, but is really beautiful in real life. 

Now this is what I'm talking about! Check out the bottle!

Deborah Milano is a European brand that isn't talked much about, or popular, (maybe it's not easily available?), but the brand surprises me because it has some very beautiful polishes in a compact little bottle. The bottle shape reminds me of Essence Color n Go polishes, and for some reason, I love those little bottles! It's only 4.5ml though, I wish they were bigger! I bought a beautiful pink shimmer polish from this brand as well, but it's special and I'm saving it for a nice occasion. Perhaps I'll try it out soon!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Revlon Facets of Fuschia

This is probably a really common polish since it's been really popular and a lot of people have already posted it, and I'll just be the one in a huge pool, but here's my two cents worth!

This is an absolutely stunning polish! I love that Revlon duped the Lippmann polish, I know it's not strictly ethical but I hope they'll dupe more, and make them available in Singapore. I was lucky enough to get Facets of Fuschia in London, but unfortunately they didn't have the rest of the collection except a grey one, and that wasn't really interesting.

This is purple hex and micro glitter in a jelly purply base, and this is two coats of it! It's beautiful how the hex glitters just shimmer in there, and it just reminds me of jewels glowing in the dark. 

This is a great polish, and really value-for-money, since the Lippmann one is USD18. I hope that polish companies could expand on this line- green hex glitters and green micro glitter in a dark green jelly base, gold glitters in a yellow jelly base (that would be difficult since yellow's notorious for being difficult), blue glitters in a blue base (like what I did here), and other colours, though I can't think of any others right now. I didn't say red glitters in a red base, because Lippmann has already done that. I love hex glitters, they're really awesomely shiny, and I want to franken more hex glitters. Anyone know of hex glitters that don't bleed? 

Friday, November 25, 2011

Wild Leopard Prints!

I like subtle leopard prints, usually over the top ones scare me. But for once I decided to be loud and crazy.

This is a gold nail polish from H&M, with hand painted leopard prints!

And this is me posing with my leopard prints with a real cat.

Can you believe this is the first time I'm patting a cat in years? I'm naturally a dog person, cats just seem indifferent to me, and when you've ogt an adorable dog who runs to greet you everyday, I just can't switch to the catty indifference. But I love this cat because it's so loving! It strokes its own head against my hand! I think I do like cats now.

Anyway I had matchy matchy toes too!

I know, my toes look kind of gross. It's funny how we women judge ourselves/others on our body shape, size, looks, and even our toes! Your toes are beautiful, no matter what they look like! And if they're bleeding/blistered/callused from dancing or sports? Respect.

This is the first time I've had matchy fingernails and toenails which are hand-painted, and I like it! It's kind of fun, but I change my fingernail polish a lot more often because I get bored easily, so matchy toes all the time isn't really a feasible option. Plus it's winter so my toes are only admired by me. Still, like other polish fanatics, somehow even matching toes make me happy too! Crazy huh.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Models Own Pink Fizz on a beach

Hi everyone, I'm studying in Israel on an exchange program for now, and it's winter here now and it's colder than I've ever experienced (besides a month in Shanghai in winter), and I'm perpetually cold. But when I first got here it was hot and really sunny, and the beach was a wonderful place to be.

Here's my incredibly shiny and glittery manicure having a day at the beach!

This is 3 coats of Models Own Pink Fizz, a lilac-like pink glitter. It's not really pastel, but kind of resembles a mix of lilac and pink, and really pretty! I used 3 coats, which in person looks okay and seems to cover the whole nail, but which I'm now realizing in the photo is not yet enough.

Here I am, on the beach of Herzliya, which is absolutely beautiful and one of the most beautiful beaches I've been to, and I've been to a fair number. It's more beautiful than any beach I've seen in Bali, and I know Kuta beach is a real popular spot. But Herzliya's better, because it's not as crowded, it's not hot, the wind is quite chilly, the sand is so fine, it stretches for quite a bit before the sea comes in, and the waters are just so turqoise. It's also the first time I've seen the Mediterranean sea!

I had a wonderful day at the beach just drawing shapes in the sand, and building sandcastles with a plastic cup, at least before it broke, and I love the sea! It's wonderful to have a beach nearby, because I'm a water sort of person- I dive quite often, and there's a beach near my house at home, and I love the saltwater air. Unfortunately it's winter now, so I don't want to go there because I'll freeze! I don't get any winter in Singapore, not even a temperature dip below 22 degrees Celcius. So, any tips for staying warm in the winter? 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Beauty Point polish

This is a beautiful polish that I bought while in Rome, and it has the same kind of quality that Chanel Peridot has, that metallic colour-shifting, difficult-to-identify-colour, and this one has a bit of glitter in it too!

It's mostly purple, but dark at the edges, and green at the edges. I layered this over a black polish, and it's completely essential because the colour is pretty sheer on its own. I find it so difficult to do clean-up each time I use a black polish, do you have that problem?

Anyway this picture shows you even better the colour-shift- the mysterious blending of colours.

I know it looks truly awesome here, but the purple you see in the center of the nail is not all due to the polish, it is also a result of the reflection of the camera in the nail. However, the polish does appear purple, bluish, greenish and greyish at different angles, and this honestly makes me think of galaxy nails, except with no nail art to be done. There's also tiny silver glitter in it, but the polish is somewhat foil-y as well.

And just to show you the chameleon quality of this polish, this is the same polish, in sunlight, viewed at a very small angle.

The brand is called Beauty Point Cosmetics, and the polish is unlabelled/nameless, maybe the label fell off and I didn't notice, and I bought it in a cosmetics shop in Rome, where the shop sells a variety of cosmetic brands and has little stands for each one. It sells high-end cosmetics like Chanel and Dior, to not-so-famous brands like this one. The polish does say that it's made in France, so you may be able to find it in France as well.

This is a beautiful polish, certainly one that I normally don't like, and still not too certain whether I like it or not, but one has got to admire the myriad of colours in it. 

Monday, November 14, 2011

Stars and Crescents

Sounds like a patriotic title because Singapore's flag does have 1 crescent and 5 stars on it, but this is about my cool stars and crescents glitter polish!

I used this purple jelly as a base, then tried to create a gradient glitter layer with the glitter in the polish, and I dug out the little stars and crescents from the same bottle and tried to place them nicely on my nails.

I think the little stars and crescents are pretty, but they kind of look a little awkward, and in addition, they won't lie flat on the nail. I think I had this mani on for like one afternoon before I took it off. It just didn't feel... right. Do you ever get that feeling with your nails?

Sunday, November 13, 2011

OPI Last Friday Night turns purple!

No it doesn't really turn purple, but I did layer it so that it's purple, does that count?

Here is China Glaze Encouragement, a basic pastel pink creme which was very thick and difficult to paint, and streaky at the same time. I did add thinner, but somehow it just didn't magically make the polish non-streaky, so this is it.

Then I took OPI Last Friday Night, a blue based glitter, and painted it on top.

I know it's not clear here, but by painting on top of a pink base, the pink glittery bits in the polish really stood out! Look at the tiny pink flashes in the picture above! But in the picture below, you can also see all the blue glitter bits. 

I love this combination, it absolutely reminds me of fairy wings for some reason, maybe I watched too many Barbie commercials as a kid, but it's really really gorgeous and I will definitely try layering OPI Last Friday Night on top of other polishes from now on. 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Zoya Perrie

This is a Zoya colour that isn't really famous, and seldom talked about. I got this in a swap a long time ago, and I love it! The purple isn't particularly unique, but the formula is fantastic! It's on the runny side, which I prefer because it makes the polish easy to spread as long as you don't pick up too much on the brush, and it's really easy to handle.

It's a really nice purple, blue-based, and not that pastel-y. I've topped it with OPI silver shatter, which should be used on top of semi-dry polish, as I learnt, otherwise it won't crack.

I know, nothing really special here, but this is a pretty combo. 

Friday, November 11, 2011

Del Sol Prima Donna with fauxnad

Hi everyone, I've been so lazy to blog lately, I've been travelling a bit, went to Egypt last week, and just somehow always found other things to do. Anyway I have a huge backlog of pretty nails to post, so I hope I'll be disciplined enough to post regularly.

Now stamped with China Glaze 2030 using one of the images from the new BM plates. I love the little tree and the curly branches, it's really so elegant and covers nearly the full nail.