Saturday, November 19, 2011

Beauty Point polish

This is a beautiful polish that I bought while in Rome, and it has the same kind of quality that Chanel Peridot has, that metallic colour-shifting, difficult-to-identify-colour, and this one has a bit of glitter in it too!

It's mostly purple, but dark at the edges, and green at the edges. I layered this over a black polish, and it's completely essential because the colour is pretty sheer on its own. I find it so difficult to do clean-up each time I use a black polish, do you have that problem?

Anyway this picture shows you even better the colour-shift- the mysterious blending of colours.

I know it looks truly awesome here, but the purple you see in the center of the nail is not all due to the polish, it is also a result of the reflection of the camera in the nail. However, the polish does appear purple, bluish, greenish and greyish at different angles, and this honestly makes me think of galaxy nails, except with no nail art to be done. There's also tiny silver glitter in it, but the polish is somewhat foil-y as well.

And just to show you the chameleon quality of this polish, this is the same polish, in sunlight, viewed at a very small angle.

The brand is called Beauty Point Cosmetics, and the polish is unlabelled/nameless, maybe the label fell off and I didn't notice, and I bought it in a cosmetics shop in Rome, where the shop sells a variety of cosmetic brands and has little stands for each one. It sells high-end cosmetics like Chanel and Dior, to not-so-famous brands like this one. The polish does say that it's made in France, so you may be able to find it in France as well.

This is a beautiful polish, certainly one that I normally don't like, and still not too certain whether I like it or not, but one has got to admire the myriad of colours in it. 

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