Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Deborah Milano Burgundy Passion

This is one of the polishes I bought in Rome, but also available in Paris, from what I've seen. It's cheaper in Rome though. It is a beautiful dark brown, with orange and gold shimmer in it. 

The brown kind of has a red tinge to it, and is somewhat maroon-y in the picture below, but it's definitely in the brown family. This merits the "burgundy" part of the name, I guess. I love this shade, because it has this maturity to it, and looks really polished, and up close the shimmer is unexpected. The orange and gold glitter stands out well, and is not that obvious in my pictures of my nails, but is really beautiful in real life. 

Now this is what I'm talking about! Check out the bottle!

Deborah Milano is a European brand that isn't talked much about, or popular, (maybe it's not easily available?), but the brand surprises me because it has some very beautiful polishes in a compact little bottle. The bottle shape reminds me of Essence Color n Go polishes, and for some reason, I love those little bottles! It's only 4.5ml though, I wish they were bigger! I bought a beautiful pink shimmer polish from this brand as well, but it's special and I'm saving it for a nice occasion. Perhaps I'll try it out soon!

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  1. I love these polishes. I'm wearing one of them at the moment (Knock Out Violet). I also wish, this bottles would be bigger, the color range is great.