Sunday, November 13, 2011

OPI Last Friday Night turns purple!

No it doesn't really turn purple, but I did layer it so that it's purple, does that count?

Here is China Glaze Encouragement, a basic pastel pink creme which was very thick and difficult to paint, and streaky at the same time. I did add thinner, but somehow it just didn't magically make the polish non-streaky, so this is it.

Then I took OPI Last Friday Night, a blue based glitter, and painted it on top.

I know it's not clear here, but by painting on top of a pink base, the pink glittery bits in the polish really stood out! Look at the tiny pink flashes in the picture above! But in the picture below, you can also see all the blue glitter bits. 

I love this combination, it absolutely reminds me of fairy wings for some reason, maybe I watched too many Barbie commercials as a kid, but it's really really gorgeous and I will definitely try layering OPI Last Friday Night on top of other polishes from now on. 

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