Sunday, November 27, 2011

Revlon Facets of Fuschia

This is probably a really common polish since it's been really popular and a lot of people have already posted it, and I'll just be the one in a huge pool, but here's my two cents worth!

This is an absolutely stunning polish! I love that Revlon duped the Lippmann polish, I know it's not strictly ethical but I hope they'll dupe more, and make them available in Singapore. I was lucky enough to get Facets of Fuschia in London, but unfortunately they didn't have the rest of the collection except a grey one, and that wasn't really interesting.

This is purple hex and micro glitter in a jelly purply base, and this is two coats of it! It's beautiful how the hex glitters just shimmer in there, and it just reminds me of jewels glowing in the dark. 

This is a great polish, and really value-for-money, since the Lippmann one is USD18. I hope that polish companies could expand on this line- green hex glitters and green micro glitter in a dark green jelly base, gold glitters in a yellow jelly base (that would be difficult since yellow's notorious for being difficult), blue glitters in a blue base (like what I did here), and other colours, though I can't think of any others right now. I didn't say red glitters in a red base, because Lippmann has already done that. I love hex glitters, they're really awesomely shiny, and I want to franken more hex glitters. Anyone know of hex glitters that don't bleed? 


  1. I saw a green hex glitter with green microglitter polish at Forever 21. I love hex glitter too but Ms. Lippmann's are too expensive!

  2. Yeah! My dream is to find non-bleeding hex glitters. Once I do that, it'll be easy enough to dupe all the Lippmanns!