Friday, November 25, 2011

Wild Leopard Prints!

I like subtle leopard prints, usually over the top ones scare me. But for once I decided to be loud and crazy.

This is a gold nail polish from H&M, with hand painted leopard prints!

And this is me posing with my leopard prints with a real cat.

Can you believe this is the first time I'm patting a cat in years? I'm naturally a dog person, cats just seem indifferent to me, and when you've ogt an adorable dog who runs to greet you everyday, I just can't switch to the catty indifference. But I love this cat because it's so loving! It strokes its own head against my hand! I think I do like cats now.

Anyway I had matchy matchy toes too!

I know, my toes look kind of gross. It's funny how we women judge ourselves/others on our body shape, size, looks, and even our toes! Your toes are beautiful, no matter what they look like! And if they're bleeding/blistered/callused from dancing or sports? Respect.

This is the first time I've had matchy fingernails and toenails which are hand-painted, and I like it! It's kind of fun, but I change my fingernail polish a lot more often because I get bored easily, so matchy toes all the time isn't really a feasible option. Plus it's winter so my toes are only admired by me. Still, like other polish fanatics, somehow even matching toes make me happy too! Crazy huh.


  1. love it! and cats grow on ya ;) I'm getting a cutie pie tomorrow! it's gonna match one I already have.... :)

  2. Looks great!!
    I love this mani/ pedi!

  3. Jeanne: I'm happy for you! I hope it settles in well!

    Rock-or-not: Thank you!