Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year everyone!

It's nearly 2012! I'm wishing everyone now because my new year's eve is going to be sitting at home, studying for an exam on the first of January. But that's kind of okay, because I don't really celebrate new year's eve. I know a lot of people go out and party, and usually in Singapore I spent it at a midnight service in church, or stay at home and sleep, sad huh. Haha I enjoy it. I find sleep a lot more rewarding than partying late at night, plus the midnight surcharge on taxis is awful, then adding on top of that, the Jan 1st public holiday surcharge.

I did this mani yesterday, before my exam today so I would have something pretty to look at during the exam when I stoned out, and I must say that I am so in love with it! I bought this nail polish set from the flagship Topshop store in London, mainly because of the third polish (from the left) below. It's a mini set, and they didn't have the one I wanted in a full sized bottle.

You can't see it here, but it's a purple polish, with FLAKIES! Topshop? Flakies? Yeah!

I used two coats of Barry M's Vivid Purple as a base, then put on 3 coats of this purple polish with red/green flakies. It's awesome!

As you can see above, the flakies are multi-chromatic, changing from red to orange to green, and it's really really pretty. You can see the flakies in the bottle too!

The polish from Topshop has no name because it's part of the set, and it's a little sheer, very jelly like, and unfortunately the flakies are quite sparse, because on top of the two base coats of purple, I had to use three coats to achieve what you see in the pictures.

This is a really really pretty polish, I absolutely can't believe that Topshop had flakies, and this isn't too bad for them. I just wish they had a full sized bottle instead of making me buy the others in the set too, which are merely a teal, a dark pink, and a dark pink with shimmer, which aren't that unique.

But for all those who like this polish, good news for you! It's very easily re-creatable! I posted about Nubar 2010 a while back, and because it has the same kind of flakies- red/orange/green, you can just put it on top of a purple base and voila!

This is the look that I did with Nubar 2010 which greatly resembles the Topshop one:

It's even better because there's more flakies in Nubar 2010, the Topshop one is really sparse.

It's hard to believe 2012 is coming so soon, I find the coming of a new year so much more depressing than a birthday actually. I feel like there all these things that I wanted to do but haven't yet accomplished, and time really really does fly. Such a cliche, but it's a cliche because it's true.

My new 2012 resolution is not so much nail polish related, because it's something I enjoy but I'm not a professional blogger nor do I seek to get more followers or viewers, this is just a hobby for me and I have this blog to document some of my pretty manis that I want to share. Ah-hem that's why I'm too lazy to find/buy a software that can put a watermark on my photos, even though my photos have been stolen before and put on Nail App!, a Japanese nail app where users post their own photos, but there was a user stealing photos from bloggers everywhere and posting it as her own. My 2012 resolution is to get stronger. I want to do one-pull-up, squat and deadlift my own bodyweight.

What are your 2012 resolutions?

Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas from Bethlehem!

This year I spent Christmas eve eve, Christmas eve, and part of Christmas in Bethlehem, which is pretty amazing since that's where it all happened. Unfortunately it's pretty commercialized, the Arabs really do know how to maximize their profit opportunity, but nonetheless I enjoyed myself!

Manger Square, in Bethlehem

These are my Christmas nails from last week, when I was in Istanbul.
This is in front of the Black Sea

This is at the sea, where on the left is Europe, and the right is Asia.

The Santa here is copied from Jen at the Polishaholic's Santa nails, they were really easy to do, after mixing the skin colour for Santa (who looks somewhat Asian now)....

Anyway, it rained on Christmas eve in Bethlehem, which was kind of sad because all activities in Manger Square kind of stopped, and I had planned to go for a carol service, ( I couldn't get tickets for midnight mass), but it turns out you need tickets even though everyone says you don't need one. I went back to the hostel early with my boyfriend and friend, and we just spent the night playing cards, and went to bed early.

I did visit the Church of the Nativity earlier in the day, and if you're interested, this is the spot in the church where Jesus was born.

There were parades down Manger Square for Christmas eve too, these are some of my favourites:

The flag in the middle is the Palestinian flag. 

And in search of stuffed pigeon to eat on Christmas eve for lunch, my friends and I walked all the way to the wall that Israel built around Bethlehem, and saw some incredible grafitti. It's amazing because they convey such simple hopes, and the news never really conveys the Palestinian side of the story.

This is by the famous grafitti artist, Banksy. I didn't get a chance
to check out his other works on other walls around.

Have a very Merry Christmas everyone!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Butterfly wings!

I did this mani quite a while ago, but am only posting it now, so don't mind me. I was inspired by this incredible butterfly wings nail art (which is done by Michelle from Lacquerized) to do my own, so here it is! Terribly done and not even half as good as the original, but it's my first attempt in a long time doing free hand painting, so I'm pretty happy with it!

It must have been pretty bad, because my boyfriend couldn't tell what it was at all, and another friend of mine thought it was stem cells. Hm. It could be stem cells, but on the other hand, I have no idea what stem cells look like!

I guess I have a lot more work to do on working on my free hand nail art! I did like these though, I was just so proud of being able to hand paint anything, and on both hands nonetheless! 

Can you tell these are butterfly wings?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Glitter galaxy nails!

This is Models Own In The Navy, a navy blue that is so dark, it might as well be black. I can tell it's navy blue in the first coat, then in the second coat it's pretty much black, and in all lights, it is black. I wish navy blue would really be more navy blue.

I think you can tell it's a little more navy here in the picture below.

Because it was so black, and I didn't like black nails, because it just seems too goth for me and I like unicorns and pretty pink things, I had to glitter it up!

This is a pretty glitter from Kiko, and I call it galaxy, because the small glitters flash blue/green, and the larger glitters flash orange/green, which is really so pretty! My thumb nail below really reminded me of stars sprinkled across the sky with far off planets. 

This glitter is really unique because of the different types of glitter, they flash opposite colours instead of the same ones, and on a black base, the colours really stand out. 

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Kiko scattered pink holo polish!

This is a pretty pretty pretty scattered pink holo polish which I love! It's simple, very elegant, and really pretty in sunlight!

Check out the holo in the bottle!

Anyway I added flowers on to jazz it up a little, but somehow, big fat flowers just don't look really good on me.

Not something I think I'll do again.....

Friday, December 16, 2011

17 Magnetic Polish

This is magnetic polish from a brand called 17, which I got in the UK. After trying out the Essence magnetics and hating them, I decided to give this one a shot, mainly because the magnet was attached on the lid of the polish, with a little nub to rest your cuticle on while the magnet did its work.

It was definitely much easier this time, and I love that the magnet was a little curvy so it did the pretty design for me. I also like purple better than the traditional magnetic colours (bronze, grey, etc.), so I think I will keep this polish!

But as you can see in this picture below, even with the little nub to guide the nail, it still didn't turn out perfect, but it could also be because I'm a klutz and am unable to work well with my left hand.

This one below on my right hand looked much better! Sadly, this polish didn't last quite long, it started chipping just a little within a day, and there's fairly obvious tipwear after a day. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wishing for a white Christmas

This is the first time I've going to spend Christmas out of Singapore, and I'm in Israel, where it sometimes snows in Jerusalem. I'm hoping for a white Christmas, though I know that it won't be much snow and the smush on the ground will end up being more yucky than magical, but I just want to experience a white Christmas for once.

This mani is snowflakes which I painted myself, very challenging considering my brush isn't very thin, and the polish isn't very pigmented!

The base is Barry M Cobalt Blue, painted with a gold H&M polish, because OPI Alpine Snow just isn't pigmented enough. The gold polish isn't that great, I had to go over it twice sometimes, but at least it ended up being quite pretty and pigmented. 

The snowflakes on my left hand as seen above aren't the prettiest, a little awkward and sometimes too many details. The ones on my right hand below look better, but not as nice, because I had to paint it with my left hand and I'm right handed. 

I do love how delicate snowflakes look. I hate that they come across as big and chunky on my nails, and pretty much unidentifiable. 

I'm wishin' for a white Christmas!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Penguins!

This is one of the most elaborate nail art I've undertaken! One of the most ambitious, probably, and happily it turned out pretty decent and I'm quite happy with it!

I used a blue base, then sponged on white polish from the tips to create some snow. Then I painted the outlines of the penguins in white, then used black for the black parts of the penguins, because the black polish I have is so un-pigmented that it takes 3 coats to even show up.

After that, I added the little Christmas scarf, hat and candy cane, and the Christmas tree and north pole sign. The tree is unfortunately very teal, because it's the only green polish I have now, as my stash is all the way in Singapore. I mixed it with a little yellow, but it's still pretty teal. I topped it with red glitter to make it look Christmassy!

Yes, the "North pole" looks more like the "Narth pole", but my brush isn't that thin and I couldn't correct it after it was done. Still cute though?

This picture above shows my tragic right hand, painted with my non-dominant left hand. It didn't turn out too great, some of the penguins look deformed, and my boyfriend said that the one on the ring finger looks like a vampire penguin. 

The red from the middle penguin's hat also bled when I put on top coat, so the penguin kind of looks a little creepy because he's now like a little Dexter penguin with red streaks running down his white feathers. 

And if you're interested, here's the blue base I originally started out with. A blue, frosty polish from Kiko, which looked much better in the bottle. In the bottle it was blue with pretty silver shimmer, but on the nails it's pretty frosty, which is just not that pretty, but perfect for a blue background with snow and penguins on it!

Christmas is my favourite holiday, and I am planning to spend Christmas at the center of it all- Bethlehem! Any suggestions for my Christmas day mani? 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Some really old-fashioned wallpaper prints

This design just looks really old-fashioned, retro, but not too much in a good way, get what I mean? It looks like an old nursery wallpaper, or a skirt, that just instantly makes your ass look twice its usual size!

Anyhow, it was simple enough to do, I used the end of my paintbrush as a dotting tool. The base is OPI Alpine Snow, with an unnamed red polish bought in Paris, and H&M Blue My Mind for the flowers. 

Ugh, I think it makes my fingers look bigger than they really are! 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Beautiful glittery gradient!

Stupid me, I didn't take a good picture of this manicure! One of my prettiest ones yet. All I have is this lousy picture from my iphone, deliberately taken blurry so as to show how incredibly glittery it is. 

The blue glitter is Models Own Bluebelle, the purple glitter is Models Own Purple Haze, and the pink glitter is an unnamed glitter I bought in a subway station in Paris. The pink glitter has little bits of blue glitter in it too, which makes the gradient look more gradated. 

It is such a shame I forgot to take a picture, this was honestly one of the prettiest manicures I've had on that made me constantly check out my nails, even while crossing the street. It was terribly thick though, and I had to re-do some of my nails, because they were really thick and didn't dry properly before I went to the gym, and messed them up. I must have been the girliest girl in the gym that day, checking my nails out all the time in between sets. 

I'd love to do more glitter gradients- yellow/orange/red, yellow/green/blue, purple/pink/red. I need more glitters now! What other combinations can you think of?