Friday, December 16, 2011

17 Magnetic Polish

This is magnetic polish from a brand called 17, which I got in the UK. After trying out the Essence magnetics and hating them, I decided to give this one a shot, mainly because the magnet was attached on the lid of the polish, with a little nub to rest your cuticle on while the magnet did its work.

It was definitely much easier this time, and I love that the magnet was a little curvy so it did the pretty design for me. I also like purple better than the traditional magnetic colours (bronze, grey, etc.), so I think I will keep this polish!

But as you can see in this picture below, even with the little nub to guide the nail, it still didn't turn out perfect, but it could also be because I'm a klutz and am unable to work well with my left hand.

This one below on my right hand looked much better! Sadly, this polish didn't last quite long, it started chipping just a little within a day, and there's fairly obvious tipwear after a day. 

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