Thursday, December 1, 2011

Beautiful glittery gradient!

Stupid me, I didn't take a good picture of this manicure! One of my prettiest ones yet. All I have is this lousy picture from my iphone, deliberately taken blurry so as to show how incredibly glittery it is. 

The blue glitter is Models Own Bluebelle, the purple glitter is Models Own Purple Haze, and the pink glitter is an unnamed glitter I bought in a subway station in Paris. The pink glitter has little bits of blue glitter in it too, which makes the gradient look more gradated. 

It is such a shame I forgot to take a picture, this was honestly one of the prettiest manicures I've had on that made me constantly check out my nails, even while crossing the street. It was terribly thick though, and I had to re-do some of my nails, because they were really thick and didn't dry properly before I went to the gym, and messed them up. I must have been the girliest girl in the gym that day, checking my nails out all the time in between sets. 

I'd love to do more glitter gradients- yellow/orange/red, yellow/green/blue, purple/pink/red. I need more glitters now! What other combinations can you think of? 


  1. Loving the colors and that sparkle!

  2. I passed on to you the Versatile Blogger Award. See details on my blog at the link below.