Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Penguins!

This is one of the most elaborate nail art I've undertaken! One of the most ambitious, probably, and happily it turned out pretty decent and I'm quite happy with it!

I used a blue base, then sponged on white polish from the tips to create some snow. Then I painted the outlines of the penguins in white, then used black for the black parts of the penguins, because the black polish I have is so un-pigmented that it takes 3 coats to even show up.

After that, I added the little Christmas scarf, hat and candy cane, and the Christmas tree and north pole sign. The tree is unfortunately very teal, because it's the only green polish I have now, as my stash is all the way in Singapore. I mixed it with a little yellow, but it's still pretty teal. I topped it with red glitter to make it look Christmassy!

Yes, the "North pole" looks more like the "Narth pole", but my brush isn't that thin and I couldn't correct it after it was done. Still cute though?

This picture above shows my tragic right hand, painted with my non-dominant left hand. It didn't turn out too great, some of the penguins look deformed, and my boyfriend said that the one on the ring finger looks like a vampire penguin. 

The red from the middle penguin's hat also bled when I put on top coat, so the penguin kind of looks a little creepy because he's now like a little Dexter penguin with red streaks running down his white feathers. 

And if you're interested, here's the blue base I originally started out with. A blue, frosty polish from Kiko, which looked much better in the bottle. In the bottle it was blue with pretty silver shimmer, but on the nails it's pretty frosty, which is just not that pretty, but perfect for a blue background with snow and penguins on it!

Christmas is my favourite holiday, and I am planning to spend Christmas at the center of it all- Bethlehem! Any suggestions for my Christmas day mani?