Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Glitter galaxy nails!

This is Models Own In The Navy, a navy blue that is so dark, it might as well be black. I can tell it's navy blue in the first coat, then in the second coat it's pretty much black, and in all lights, it is black. I wish navy blue would really be more navy blue.

I think you can tell it's a little more navy here in the picture below.

Because it was so black, and I didn't like black nails, because it just seems too goth for me and I like unicorns and pretty pink things, I had to glitter it up!

This is a pretty glitter from Kiko, and I call it galaxy, because the small glitters flash blue/green, and the larger glitters flash orange/green, which is really so pretty! My thumb nail below really reminded me of stars sprinkled across the sky with far off planets. 

This glitter is really unique because of the different types of glitter, they flash opposite colours instead of the same ones, and on a black base, the colours really stand out. 

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