Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wishing for a white Christmas

This is the first time I've going to spend Christmas out of Singapore, and I'm in Israel, where it sometimes snows in Jerusalem. I'm hoping for a white Christmas, though I know that it won't be much snow and the smush on the ground will end up being more yucky than magical, but I just want to experience a white Christmas for once.

This mani is snowflakes which I painted myself, very challenging considering my brush isn't very thin, and the polish isn't very pigmented!

The base is Barry M Cobalt Blue, painted with a gold H&M polish, because OPI Alpine Snow just isn't pigmented enough. The gold polish isn't that great, I had to go over it twice sometimes, but at least it ended up being quite pretty and pigmented. 

The snowflakes on my left hand as seen above aren't the prettiest, a little awkward and sometimes too many details. The ones on my right hand below look better, but not as nice, because I had to paint it with my left hand and I'm right handed. 

I do love how delicate snowflakes look. I hate that they come across as big and chunky on my nails, and pretty much unidentifiable. 

I'm wishin' for a white Christmas!

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