Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Guest Post: Fashion and Confidence go Hand in Hand

Fashion is its own form of magic; a beautiful pair of shoes or the perfect dress can change a woman’s entire outlook on life, relationships and even her own perception of herself. And while a boost of confidence is always a good thing, it is never better – or more necessary – than it is for a woman diagnosed with cancer, such as mesothelioma, breast cancer, cervical cancer or any other cancer. Treatments are notoriously difficult for cancer patients, especially for women that face losing their hair and even large amounts of weight. 

If ever there is a time when a woman feels less than beautiful, it is during cancer. However, every woman should feel beautiful every day, no matter the circumstances. Fashion is one of the easiest ways to make a woman feel like a goddess, every day. Despite a cancer diagnosis, the way a woman dresses and even the way she applies her makeup can change her entire mood for the better and changing her mood for the better eliminates stress, which boosts her immune system and helps her better fight her cancer; it is a win/win situation.

When it comes to fashion, most women will agree that shoes are the most important aspect of any outfit. The way a gorgeous pair of shoes makes a woman’s legs look is indescribable; and the way a woman feels when she slips into a beautiful pair of designer shoes is something that words cannot express. Even if she’s in her pajamas just walking around the house with no makeup, a gorgeous pair of shoes will make her feel amazing the moment she slips them on.

Feeling beautiful and confident is one thing, but feeling powerful is another. Women facing cancer and the treatment that comes along with such an aggressive disease causes a need for women to feel powerful. The lack of power felt by suffering from an illness such as cancer makes women feel anything but powerful, which is why woman can – and should – use fashion as a way to make them feel powerful again. Feeling powerful, even through fashion, can make a woman’s treatment easier on her body and her emotions.

A great way to feel powerful is to look powerful; carrying a fabulous designer handbag or wearing a power suit are some of the simplest ways to feel powerful. In addition, anything that fits great, flatters a woman’s figure and makes her feel confidant will make her feel more powerful. One of the best pieces for this is a wrap dress; the wrap dress is flattering on everyone and provides woman with a sense of power mixed with femininity, which is of utmost importance to a woman with cancer of any type.

By Jackie Clark

I was recently contacted by Jackie, of the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance who wanted to do a post on my blog about women and cancer. Her article above is certainly empowering, and I do want to add that fashion not only empowers women; being confident, knowing what you want, and going for it certainly adds that inner glow! So to all women who have fought or are fighting cancer out there, keep going and don't give up! 

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