Monday, January 9, 2012

Mulan Manicure

I love the Disney movie Mulan. Besides the fact that she's one of the few non-white female characters, leaving aside Pocahantas and Tiana, she's one of the few Disney "princesses" who actually does any ass-kicking.

So here's my own Mulan manicure with my own decals. Seriously, who doesn't love a female heroine who actually does something? I love that she's like awesome with a sword and her wushu pole fighting skills. I want to be strong like her and kick some bad guy asses.

From L-R: The lucky cricket, the Emperor, Shang, Mushu, and Mulan

From L-R: Chien-Po + Ling + Yao, Mulan's parents, Shan Yu, Mulan, and Grandma

Yes I have weirdly shaped thumb nails. I can never seem to shape them right because my nails kind of grow crooked out of the thumbs, like slanted to one side. But ignore those for now, I just want to show you the up close thumb decals. These aren't super clear because my printer isn't a big professional kind, it's just the regular small ones that aren't very high in pixel quality. The images do look good in real life, because let's face it, who goes that close to your thumbs anyway?

Mulan kicking some ass

Mulan's gang of weakling boys. 

On another note, I have learnt that my own home-made water decals are no longer sticky. I need a layer of top coat to "glue" them down. This kinda sucks, but I'm okay with it because buying decals online is far more expensive.

So who's your favourite Disney heroine?


  1. I'M IN LOVE. ahhhhh, I loooove Mulan, she's amazingggg<3

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