Sunday, January 29, 2012

Nail polish cabachons showing off Ozotic Pros

I decided that I'd like to make my own nail polish jewellery so I could wear the pretty colours even more, and I learnt how to from MUA's nail board. Anyway these glass cabachons are not yet attached to the ring base, but I wanted to show how beautiful and awesome the Ozotic Pros are.

Ozotic Pro 521

Ozotic Pro 520, layered with 530 (glitter)

Ozotic Pro 505 with 528 (glitter)

For the last two cabachons, I used a glitter with a similar colour-shift base. It really creates a beautiful texture and extra glitteriness!


  1. Wow!!
    this is awesome!!
    I love them all!

  2. Beautiful! I've seen these on etsy, but never thought of attempting to make my own. I'd be interested in learning.

  3. It's really easy! I bought the glass cabachons off ebay, then just painted the base of the cabachon with nail polish, that's it!